KT Tape to the rescue!

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #11: The Things That Suck Edition

It’s Thursday so I’m letting my thoughts ramble a bit for this post. That’s the great thing about Thursday, I can spew a bunch of random things out and neatly tie it all together as a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post! Thanks Running With Spoons for making this possible each week! 1. This race being …

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #10: The Challenges Edition

I’ve done a pretty miserable job of blogging this week. I had all kinds of ideas rolling around in my head and then just didn’t get them done. Oops. Thankfully it’s Thursday today and I always like letting the random thoughts fly. In the past couple months I’ve ramped up my training again and have been working …

Our cold, sunny weather lately has made for some really beautiful runs!

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #9: The Cross-Training Edition

It’s Thursday again and this week I’m rambling about cross-training. And I don’t mean just cross-training in the traditional sense of cycling or swimming but more so just an overall taking-better-care-of-myself-and-strengthening-up kind of thing… 1. Kickboxing is fun So a mom-friend from my youngest son’s …