I had so many posts I wanted to write in the past couple weeks and although I tried to be super organized, I just didn’t get them done. Turns out packing for a family wedding in Mexico AND a 10-day running trip to Ethiopia was quite the adventure in and of itself!


I managed to get everyone packed and ready though and we just spent the most amazing week in Cabo San Lucas for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Spending time at such a beautiful resort will certainly be a huge contrast to what I am about to experience in Ethiopia but it was such a nice way to spend time with my family before heading out on this adventure on my own.


I have lots more I hope to write about in the next couple days (since I’m pretty much going to be living in airports until Sunday!) but for now I’m tAkins advantage of airport wifi in Cabo San Lucas and San Francisco to get this post finished up. 


So wish me luck as I board my first long flight on the trip down to Ethiopia. I’ll either get tons of blogging done or maybe even actually catch some sleep. We’ll see. 

Next stop: London, England!

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