As you might have noticed, I’m participating in a blogging challenge this month (the more times I say it, the more likely I am to succeed, right?) and I am surrounded in the group by all kinds of amazing women and writers.

There are mommy bloggers, fertility bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, wine-centric bloggers, fitness bloggers, parenting bloggers and even farming bloggers to name a few! I’m pretty sure I’m the only running blogger in the group but it’s hard not to be a bit inspired to branch out into some other things, especially since I don’t think I can possibly run enough this month for 31 straight days of running-related content!

A craft blogger I am not but I DO kind of have this thing for making running costumes and as it turns out, I also have this thing for making my kids’ Halloween costumes too.

It started with the owl…

This costume was a real hoot at his preschool. Get it? A hoot? Ha ha.

This costume was a real hoot at his preschool. Get it? A hoot? Ha ha.

And then the following year, my youngest wanted to be a blackbird of all things…

I’m not sure where he got the idea for a blackbird...

I’m not sure where he got the idea for a blackbird, it seems so random.

That same year my oldest son wanted to be a skeleton. This one turned out great but boy those bones took a lot of time to cut out!

This is such a terrible picture but it makes me laugh every time...

This is such a terrible picture but it’s the only one I got of the skeleton and it makes me laugh every time!

And then last year, why be a superhero like every other little boy when you could be a skunk of course! It was totally his idea and I loved it.

The cutest little skunk ever...

The cutest little skunk ever…

Anyhow, there has been many a costume made in this house and thankfully the boys always pick pretty easy things to create. With very little sewing and a hot glue gun I’ve been able to take a basic jogging suit and a bunch of felt fabric to make most of these costumes.

When I asked the boys what they wanted to be this year, my sweet little guy happily declared he wanted to be a kitty cat and the oldest wants to be a big hairy spider. So, in the spirit of being organized and on the ball this month I’ve already got the jogging suits purchased for this year’s foray into costuming.

Honestly, you can’t beat $7 sweats for projects like this!

Another bad phone pic but who cares, you can’t beat $7 sweats for projects like this!

I haven’t sat down yet to plan out or make any patterns for the additions that will make these plain black jogging suits into the cat and spider costumes the boys have in mind but I’ve still got plenty of time. And a huge pile of felt in every colour. 

Stay tuned for the evolution of the cat and the spider…

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  1. Alison    

    Please make my costumes forever!
    Alison recently posted…5 Things I Hate About AutumnMy Profile

  2. Sarah @ Sarah on Purpose    

    Oh that little stinker (skunk) is adorable!!!
    Sarah @ Sarah on Purpose recently posted…Because This… 24th EditionMy Profile

    1. DIYBlogGuy    

      I was just saying that on twitter. I have a couple of girls and they are not nearly as original. Princess and Frozen theme year after year.
      DIYBlogGuy recently posted…Are your blog headlines awesome enough?My Profile

  3. Jessica @ Just a Mum?    

    These are so great! I imagine they’re comfortable and easy to get through a day of school in. I loooove the skunk. :)
    Jessica @ Just a Mum? recently posted…Monday Morning Miracle MuffinsMy Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      Yeah super easy to make and easy for the kids to wear too. By using the hoods instead of masks they can put it up when they want and slide it down if they get too hot. I like easy costumes. :)

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