Happy Thursday friends! I’m once again jumping on the Running With Spoons ‘Thinking Out Loud’ bandwagon, this time sharing a few random thoughts about Netflix. Especially appropriate since I am just finishing up my first the-morning-after-a-Netflix-marathon-coffee for the day.


Okay, here goes…

1. Aside from ‘Mighty Planes’ (my oldest son has a slight Mars water bomber obsession and watches this documentary over and over again), Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix has been the only show I’ve watched this summer. Committed as if it were a marathon training plan, I’ve almost worked my way through all. 10. seasons. 

Just so you know, this is the Mars water bomber, stationed on the lake where my in-laws live...

Just so you know, this is the Mars water bomber air tanker, stationed on the lake where my in-laws live…

2. Incidentally, our tv watching habits have changed dramatically over the past year to almost 100% Netflix. Other than the news, Grey’s Anatomy is actually the only cable tv program I still watch. I’m thinking it might be time to cancel cable…

3. I have a Netflix confession: I haven’t actually finished the latest season of OITNB yet but shh, don’t tell anyone. Those darn doctors of Seattle Grace hijacked me but don’t worry, I’m almost done and can get back to more mainstream Netflix obsessions.

4. Did you know that Netflix has all kinds of fantastic original programming for the whole family? Our current favourite is DinoTrux and the boys are obsessed. We received an awesome viewing package from Netflix and the boys do their new DinoTrux puzzle, complete with DinoTrux trucker hat, almost on the hour.

Voila! DinoTrux hat and puzzle - permanent fixtures in our kitchen these days!

Voila! DinoTrux hat and puzzle – permanent fixtures in our kitchen these days!

5. Did you also know that Netflix makes monthly streaming suggestions for you and your family? Connect with any of the Netflix #streamteam members on social media to read about each month’s themed suggestions and discover new shows your family might enjoy. Just search the hashtag #streamteam and @Netflix_CA to connect!

6. Not surprisingly, August’s streaming suggestions included titles all about getting ready to return to school. Netflix has three new original series whose characters experience and learn all kinds of life lessons through their adventures. Check out Project Mc2 for teens, DinoTrux for the younger ones and Ever After High: Way too wonderland for the fairytale lovers.


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As part of the Netflix #streamteam, I am compensated with services and some product perks, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are wholly my own. 

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