I have always been one of those people who likes to start things on a Monday. Any kind of eating plan, that time I quit drinking Diet Coke or starting a new exercise plan…always gotta start it on a Monday. Always. I see that bandwagon go by but I just can’t jump on unless it’s a Monday.

And since today is Monday, I think it’s about time I get started back up with a few things.

January to May is always a crazy part of the year because it is my heaviest training period and it all ends with my biggest and most favourite races at both the start and end of May. By the time June rolls around I’m happy but admittedly a bit burnt out and this year was no exception. I’m tired but ready to get motivated again for the summer.

And I’ve got lots to do, including…

  • Get back on the healthier eating bandwagon. I may have gone a little carb-crazy after Run for Water and while it’s been fun, I’m tired of carrying this ‘bloat-baby’ around. Bring on the avocados!
  • Get back to the gym on a regular basis. I still love my 30 Minute Hit gym but with taper and recovery weeks all over the place this past month, I didn’t go nearly as much as I’d have liked to. The good news is I am currently sitting here in my exercise clothes because I’m planning to go as soon as I drop the kids off, so that’s a start!
  • Get all caught up on my blog! Oh man, I have so many fun things to write about including my weekend at Rock ’n’ Roll Portland, my Run for Water ultra marathon and the half marathon I ran the next day, my evening with Netflix celebrating the launch of Orange is the New Black Season 3 later, my weekend coming up at Rock ’n’ Roll Seattle and the seriously amazing day I spent yesterday running Hanes Valley. I miss writing on a regular basis.
  • Get ready for summer! Our weather has turned seriously beautiful and we are all in full summer mode around here. The kids have a couple more weeks of school to finish up but then we’re hitting the road for our usual summer split between my husband’s family in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island and our family cabin up at Shuswap Lake. And of course, all that trail running I need to get in to prepare for Squamish 50k at the end of August! Gulp.
So yes, I know I’ve been quiet but I’m still here. And if this whole getting motivated on a Monday thing pans out, I’m sure you’ll be sick of me by the end of the week. 
Happy Monday!

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