I have to start by saying that it has been quite a long time since I’ve said that. Yes, I always love running but with the early mornings, tough track workouts, hill repeats and mind numbing distances I don’t always feel ‘in love’ with it. 

Especially after a big run.

Recovery week is usually when I break up with running a little bit and just like to be on my own for awhile. You know, rediscover myself and who I am beyond running. Remember what it’s like to just be me and go through the day without training, planning runs and so carefully watching what I eat and drink. It’s usually such a reprieve.


But this time is different.

I just spent the most amazing weekend surrounded by wonderful people at Run for Water. This was my third year involved in RFW and I had no idea that it would continue to impact me so greatly each year. I ran the 55km ultra marathon on Saturday, the half marathon on Sunday and I’ve crawled into bed these past two nights feeling so inspired and with a heart so full.


I woke up this morning with tired legs and achy feet as expected but a mind and body completely and totally motivated to run. I woke up feeling still completely in love with running. Even after 76km in the blazing heat after all these months of training, I still want to run. Can’t wait to run. Still love the run. And that’s such a nice way to start the week.


Today was truly one of those ‘motivation Monday’ moments. I’m working away on recaps and have so many great photos to share but for now, I’m going to enjoy this feeling (and a few days of rest, of course).

Isn’t it great to be in love? Even when it’s with running. :)


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