It’s Thursday so I’m letting my thoughts ramble a bit for this post. That’s the great thing about Thursday, I can spew a bunch of random things out and neatly tie it all together as a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post! Thanks Running With Spoons for making this possible each week!


1. This race being cancelled…

You might recall a post I did a couple weeks back about the course for the inaugural Semiahmoo Water’s Edge Half Marathon. Brand new event, awesome course, great organization behind it, I was super excited and even was able to contact them and arrange to do a giveaway and everything. You may have also seen the news since then that the event has been cancelled. Boo.

Sorry, didn’t take any pics along Thrift but here’s one looking down at the iconic White Rock Pier from Marine Drive instead!

White Rock would have been so beautiful for a half marathon!

Although they had initially signed off, the City has since raised some issues that unfortunately could not be resolved this late in the game forcing the organizers to cancel the whole thing. So lame. Our community has lost several events now and it’s kind of frustrating as a runner. Sigh. Having to cancel races sucks.

2. This dinner I made for my kids tonight…

My kids are picky eaters (or maybe I should say, they’re white-etarians: bread, noodles, tortillas, cereal) but I always try my best to make them decent meals and encourage them to try new foods. Tonight though? Yeah, I have no excuse really. Tonight they had friends over and those kids got themselves two big pots of macaroni and cheese. At least it was Annie’s? Nah, this dinner sucks.

Only thing better than one pot of macaroni is two pots of macaroni!

Only thing better than one pot of macaroni is two pots of macaroni!

3. This calf that hurts…

I’ve pretty much been in running heaven for the last while. I’ve been feeling good, feeling strong, getting faster, hitting my paces and covering my distances. I kind of don’t even recognize myself it’s been going so well. Too good to be true? Yup, guess so because out of nowhere my left calf started to ache a little the other day. Saw my chiropractor today and it doesn’t seem to be anything too serious but I’m going to need to rest up a bit. Sigh. That sucks.

KT Tape to the rescue!

KT Tape to the rescue!

4. This hydration pack that broke…

A few weeks back I was getting ready to head out the door for a 30km run and the last thing left to do was fill my hydration pack with water. Something didn’t seem right however, because the valve seemed to be stuck open and water was just pouring out! I reluctantly put on my old fuel belt and headed out.

Felt so weird to wear the belt after switching to a pack!

Felt so weird to wear the belt after switching to a pack!

Thankfully Hydrapak has rad customer service and a handy email right on the reservoir in case of emergency. They were so fast and so helpful. Seriously within 20 mins, they’d already responded, asked a few questions and within about 2 hours, I received a notification that a new part was shipping. The broken pack sucked but Hydrapak seriously has the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. So I guess not everything in this post actually sucks. 

5. This eating healthy thing…

Yeah, it kind of sucks sometimes. I shouldn’t say that because the benefits are amazing but why then is it always so hard to get on the bandwagon? Hubs and I have been doing awesome since the new year with cleaning up our eating habits but last week was a bit of a write-off with Spring Break and a ski trip and friends for dinner etc. 

As of Monday, I said ‘no more’ to the glasses of wine, desserts, sneaky little snacks etc. and I think it’s making me grumpy. I miss them. Lots.

I put my sparkling water in a wine glass to try and trick myself that it was something special. Didn’t work. :(

I put my sparkling water in a wine glass to try and trick myself that it was something special. Didn’t work. :(

That was an uplifting post, hey? :) Happy Thursday. To see what everyone else is thinking out loud about today, be sure to check out the linkup!

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  1. AmberLynn Pappas    

    Sorry for all the let downs this week. My kids love the Annie’s mac too!
    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted…TOLT: Things I’ve Been Meaning to SayMy Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      Meh, that’s just the way it goes sometimes, right? Luckily I don’t have these weeks all that often. Phew!

  2. Krysten    

    Laughing at the White-itarian comment. Pretty sure that I was me as a child and that I will likely be punished with a similar uber-picky child one day hahaha

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