If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you will probably have noticed that I love my medals. I run for many different reasons but the medals? Those shiny, ribboned little beauties are the icing on my running cake if you know what I mean. I love each and every one of them.

And there are many.

These are just a selection of medals from 2013 alone!

These are just a selection of medals from 2013 alone!

In fact, I have even planned many of my races BECAUSE of the medals. Or maybe I should say, because of the number of medals I am able to earn. Multi-day, multi-race events are popping up all over the place and sometimes I’ve even created my own…

Goofy Challenge

This multi-day event was my very first and it’s more recent incarnation, the Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, half and full marathon on 4 consecutive days) is kind of the grandaddy of them all. In Jan 2013 I did 3 races and received 4 beautiful, shiny and deliciously heavy medals. I was in love from the moment those babies were placed around my neck. 3 days, 3 races, 4 medals!

725266-1007-0029s - finish all medals

Medals from L to R: Goofy Medal, 5k, half marathon and full marathon


This was a little invention of my own since the Rock ’n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon happened to fall on the day before the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon. Why not do both and bring friends along with me, right? 2 days, 2 races, 2 medals!


Didn’t have a great pic of these two medals but you can see a bit of each in this photo from my Instagram

Dumbo Challenge

Akin to the Goofy Challenge, this multi-day event is made up of a 10k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday at Disneyland. On top of that, I was able to register for the 3 Little Pigs Bacon Challenge for an extra medal and earned myself the Coast-to-Coast Challenge medal too! 2 days, 2 races, 5 medals, my biggest weekend haul yet!

Medals, medals, medals!

Medals, medals, medals! From L to R: 10k, 3 little pigs challenge medal, half marathon, Coast to Coast medal and the Dumbo Challenge medal

RnRVAN Remix Challenge

So why am I talking about all of these? Because Vancouver is getting it’s very own multi-day, multi-race, multi-medal challenge! This year, the organizers of the Rock ’n’ Roll Vancouver Half Marathon & Cunningham Seawall 10k have changed up the schedule a bit to have the 10k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday which means you can now do both and complete the RnRVAN Remix Challenge!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.25.07 PM

And it wouldn’t be any fun to run two races in two days unless there were some medal-y incentive, right? Well the folks at Rock ’n’ Roll do medals well and at the RnRVAN Remix Challenge, runners will get their 10k medal on Saturday, their half marathon medal on Sunday and a special remix medal for doing both! The RnRVAN Remix medal hasn’t been revealed yet but you can see other remix medals here.

Combine these with other RnR events to earn medals from the Heavy Medals series (enrol here) or do both the Portland and Seattle races in addition to Vancouver and earn the limited edition Cascadia medal too! The medal-earning possibilities are endless!

To celebrate bringing the Remix Challenge option to Vancouver, RnR is offering special pricing until Friday, March 27. Register now for the 10k at only $35 or bundle both the 10k and half for $99 (use code RNRVANREMIX) 

Do you plan on earning a bunch of medals on RnRVAN weekend? 

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