There’s no doubt that my Mizunos are a huge part of my running life but it wasn’t until recently that I realized just how much I wear them in the rest of my life too. Gotta love it, they do double duty!

Anyhow, the past 2 weeks have been spring break here in White Rock and as we were out and about doing all kinds of things with the boys I realized just how often I reach for my Mizunos…

I wear them to ride miniature trains…

photo 5-1

One of the trips we made the break was to the West Coast Railway Heritage Museum in Squamish, BC and well, you have to be comfortable when riding a miniature train, right?

And real trains too…

photo 4-1

The big reason we visited the railway museum was so the boys could take a ride on a real train and while the train ride was short, the whole day was long and my comfy trail shoes were the perfect choice.

I wear them to relax at the beach…

photo 3

Okay, okay, so this picture was actually taken during one of my long runs this break but I thought it was a cool one and wanted to include it in this post. It was just so beautiful that day, I couldn’t help but sit down on some driftwood for a mid-run fuel stop!

I wear them to drive mini excavators…

photo 1-1

We did some landscaping work recently and ended up renting this rad little mini-excavator to help move a big load of topsoil. Lucky me, I was the appointed excavator operator for part of the job and you gotta be comfortable (and fashionable) when scooping and moving dirt, right?

I wear the to chase waterfalls with my boys…

photo 2-2

My boys are obsessed with waterfalls and over the break we had the chance to visit Shannon Falls in Squamish, BC. To see the falls is really a short little hike but the boys thought it was amazing and watching them love it so much made me happy. It’s truly fun to see your little people start turning into big people who love the same things as you do.

I wear them in the garden…

photo 4

I didn’t think to snap a pic that day but after clomping around the garden in my clunky rubber boots, I had to switch into something more comfortable. An old pair of Mizuno trail shoes was perfect because they were super comfortable and being trail shoes, they were right at home in the mud!

I like to punch and kick things in them…

Still enjoying my kick boxing circuit...

Still enjoying my kick boxing circuit…

Totally still fitness related but I wanted to mention this because one of the trainers at my kick boxing gym has given me the nickname ‘Mizuno’ because she loves my lineup of Mizuno shoes! She’s always noticing them and asking questions so she figured it was time to just call me Mizuno instead of Nikki…

I even wear them for date night sometimes…

photo 3-2

We managed to get away for a few days this break and yes, I wore my trail shoes out for date night. In my defence, we were in a pretty outdoorsy place and hey, this is the kind of stuff Hubby is used to by being married to a distance runner!

Do you wear your favourite running shoes outside of running too?

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  1. Sandra Laflamme    

    I just switched over to Mizunos to try them out and am loving them so far. Looks like you have a lot of fun in yours :)
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted…Boston Marathon Emotional HealingMy Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      I wore so many different shoes until I got my first pair of Mizuno and suddenly so many of those weird aches and pains just went away. Haven’t looked back since! And that’s been through a lot of years of Mizunos! Glad you love them. :)

  2. Crystal    

    I love my Mizunos. I have been runing in them for years. They were the second pair of sneakers that I tried and I have not turned back. (But I wear Saucony on the trail :)
    Crystal recently posted…In My Vegetarian Kitchen: Peanut Butter & No wasteMy Profile

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