One of the things I super excited about being part of again this year is the Rock ’n’ Blog team. Made up of a group of fabulous bloggers and runners across Canada and the US, we are on board to help spread news, get people excited and just generally be involved in all things related to the Rock ’n’ Roll series in 2015. 

I haven’t 100% made up my mind about which RnR races I’ll be doing this year but with so many fun locations to choose from, I know whatever I choose is going to be lots of fun. I kind of have my heart set on getting the special edition Cascadia medal this year which would be Seattle, Portland and Vancouver so hopefully I can make that happen.

In other news, one of the fun things about being a Rock ’n’ Blogger is that we get to share and give lots of things away throughout the year. The first one being our special series-wide discount code!

If you’re thinking about any RnR races this year, you can use the following code for $15 off your half or full entry to any tour stop in Canada or the US.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.40.02 PM

The code is not valid for Mexico City or any of the shorter races like the 1-mile, kids races, relays or the Tour Passes. It is also valid for a small discount on international events.

Please be sure to share with any of your friends considering an RnR race this year!

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