Slow feet, quick feet, trick feet, sick feet…


I always kind of laugh to myself whenever I read “The Foot Book” by Dr.Seuss to the boys because I’m pretty sure my feet have been all of these different kind of feet at one time or another. Actually, given how many hours and miles I put on my feet they have surprisingly been one thing that hasn’t bothered me much over the years.

Until now. Sigh.

But that’s okay because I’ve got my trusty team of practitioners on the case and between my chiropractor, massage therapist and physio we’re making some headway I think. Falling down the stairs kind of got in the way but has ensured I rested for a bit longer anyway so that’s not such a bad thing.

Thursday I had a great appointment with my physio and her thought is that I’m experiencing some issues in the tarsometatarsal joint of my foot. Joanne is fantastic and as she was explaining what she was thinking, she pulled out this handy foot so I could see all the bones and how complicated the joint is.

The tarsometatarsal joint is where the long bones in the mid foot meet the little squarish bones near the ankle

The tarsometatarsal joint is where the long bones in the mid foot meet the little squarish bones near the ankle

The part of the joint near the first ray down to my toes seems to be very stiff and there also seems to be some related issues in my arch etc. The difficult thing about feet is that so many things affect them. I have calf muscles that are super tight, I have some muscles deep in my feet that seem to be super tight and with what could be going on with this joint, it all contributes.

photo 1

Don’t worry foot, we’ll get you sorted out yet!

I am going to see my orthotics person this week to have those looked at and see if there are some modifications we can make to them to help relieve some of the stress in the joint. I’m hopeful it will help but we’ll have to just see what he has to say.

In the meantime, I’m doing all of my exercises for everything from my toes to my calves to my plantar fascia and we’ll see if we can start getting somewhere with all of this. I am also planning to try a couple short short runs this week and see how it goes. 

Stay tuned as the exciting saga of my foot continues…


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