When I first started running and blogging, they were both just hobbies. I was running to try and recapture some sort of fitness level after my car accident and blogging to help myself stay accountable. We had no kids, I was working full time and life was very different than it is now.

In the past 8 years, we’ve added two little people to our family, I’ve quit working and now stay home with the boys full time and both my running and my blog have become so much more than just hobbies. My original hope of running a single half marathon has turned into 8 years filled with 25+ halves, 5 full marathons and 4 ultra marathons. My blog isn’t my primary source of income but I do treat it like a little job because the relationships and community that have come from it mean so much.

Today I’m linking up with Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddy to share posts about how we fit it all in – family, husbands, running, blogging, life. I don’t know that I hold any secrets to a well-run life but am hoping I can pick up a few tricks from some of the other bloggers. Here goes…

Nikkis A Day in the Life 450

7:00 AM – Alarm goes off

I admit it, I’m a snoozer. I like to get up around 7:15 so I purposely set the alarm 15 minutes early. I don’t necessarily go back to sleep in that 15 minutes but I do grab my phone right away and do a quick check of emails and messages.

This is never the norm but a fun morning selfie to share since we’re on the topic of waking up...

This is never the norm but a fun morning selfie to share since we’re on the topic of waking up…

7:30 AM – Kids get up

More accurately, I throw on my housecoat, roll out of bed and attempt to rouse the kids. My oldest wakes up super easy and happily dresses himself, my youngest, not so much. After a bit of poking, prodding, tickling and snuggling his eyes finally pop open and he drowsily, and mostly reluctantly, gets dressed before heading downstairs.

8:00 AM – I get ready

We have a new rule in our house that the boys must get dressed, have breakfast and brush their teeth before having playtime of any sort. I usually head back upstairs while they finish their breakfast to start getting ready myself. I’m pretty quick in the morning and since I’m usually heading off to workout or run anyways, I don’t spend a whole lot of time on hair or makeup most days.

I don’t typically take pics while I’m getting ready but here’s one I took the day I got my hair cut!

I don’t typically take pics while I’m getting ready but here’s one I took the day I got my hair cut!

8:30 AM – Out the door

My sons currently attend two different schools so we head off to drop my oldest at Kindergarten before heading over to the preschool to drop my youngest off. My youngest son started off in 3-day preschool but begged to go every day so I’m very lucky to have time to myself during the day, and one year earlier than I expected it!

I can usually count on being the only mom who wears trail runners to drop off...

I can usually count on being the only mom who wears trail runners to drop off…

9:15 AM – Me-Time begins, usually with a workout

Three days a week I start my day off with a run and depending on what’s on the schedule that could mean running right from the school (long, slow runs), to nearby trails (short and mid-distance runs) or to the track (for speed workouts). Currently I’m on the injured list so at least 3-4 mornings I’m hitting the gym to workout instead. Either way, I like to get it out of the way first thing after I drop the boys off and I am very happy to report that I’m working the runs back into my schedule again.

Still enjoying my kick boxing circuit...

Still enjoying my kick boxing circuit…

11:00 AM – Appointments/Errands/Blogging

With the extra time I have now that boys are both at school, I’ve committed to taking better care of myself again. Before we had kids, I used to attend physio, chiro and massage therapy regularly and it really helped keep me tuned up and in good standing. Since the boys came along, those things fell by the wayside so I’m trying to make them a priority again. 

The only good thing about being injured is the extra long sessions with my RMT, ouch!

I decided to snap a pic while I was still smiling before my treatment today…

I usually have appointments scheduled in for after I workout but also use this part of the day for errands or things around the house. I also try to fit in lunch somewhere around noon, whether it be at home or on the run. 

If my day allows, I also try to schedule in some dedicated computer time midday for emails, working on blog posts catching up on IG, Twitter, FB and everything that goes along with it. If I have any sponsored work on the go, I am rigid about setting aside the time and could be at home making and photographing a recipe or sitting in a coffee shop doing the writing (I find I focus better sometimes out of the house, with less distractions). I am also currently doing social media work for The Golden Ultra and so I do as much of that work during this time as I can.

1:30 PM – School pickup begins

Preschool doesn’t actually end until 2:00 pm but I find that I usually have to wrap up whatever I’m doing around 1:30 to head for the school. I grab my youngest son and we head straight over to the elementary school to pick up the other one, usually with enough time to play at the playground until the bell rings.

My youngest will usually scavenge and finish up whatever snacks or drinks I have while we wait for the bell to ring...

My youngest will usually scavenge and finish up whatever snacks or drinks I have while we wait for the bell to ring…

3:00 PM – Wind down and catch up

The afternoon is such a busy time I find. The kids are usually hungry and tired but wound up all at the same time. We usually have a snack right after getting home and they unwind for a bit while I try and get a few more things done on the computer. That’s the beauty of social media, aside from reading and blogging, even just a few minutes here and there can be enough to catch up and post a few things on other channels.

4:00 PM – Kids activities

I try to schedule the kids’ swimming lessons, skating lessons, hip-hop classes (yes, boys like to dance too!) or whatever else we are doing around 4:00. That way we can get out of the house during that afternoon slump and yet still be home in time for dinner.

A bit hard to see but all 5 of the other parents during hip hop class had their heads down on their phones the whole class!

I try to watch the whole class but apparently that’s not the case for the other 4 parents during this hop hop class (I’m second from the right taking the pic)

Speaking of dinner, t’s a little different every day but I usually try to get as much prepped as I can whenever I find myself home during the day so sometimes that’s in the morning after I workout or while the kids are winding down after school. I also like to make sure that I get the kids’ lunches made while I’m doing dinner and prep my smoothie for the next day’s breakfast too…

All I have to do in the morning is add the frozen fruit and some milk or water and voila!

All I have to do in the morning is add the frozen fruit and some milk or water and voila!

5:30 PM – Dinner

Every night is a little different but dinner usually falls somewhere around here. After activities, I finish throwing dinner together and depending on my husband’s schedule I might go ahead and feed the kids on their own. We try to eat all together whenever we can but I’m a bedtime Nazi so I feed them early if he’s going to be home on the late side. 

7:00 PM – Bedtime (yahoo! just kidding, sort of)

After dinner, the kids go straight up for bath time. Well, they actually take showers now which is rad because they can do it mostly all themselves. I get to sit by and chat with them while they wash and then help get jammies on straight and teeth brushed. When I’m on duty, bedtime is at 7:00 PM sharp but when Hubby’s doing it, they usually migrate to bed a bit later.

Whichever of us isn’t doing bedtime, usually heads downstairs and cleans up the dishes. 

Goofing around with sunglasses on seems to be a regular pre-bedtime activity for this guy...

Goofing around with sunglasses on seems to be a regular pre-bedtime activity for this guy…

8:00 PM – The night shift begins

Once the kids are all squared away, I get my second stretch of more productive time. This is when I clean up the odds and ends from my day like laundry that didn’t get finished and other random things that need doing around the house. If I didn’t get the chance to workout or run in the morning, I will try to do it now which is nice because Hubby usually works out around the same time so we can chat while we’re at it.

I always try to pack my bag the night before for whatever I’m headed to in the morning...

I always try to pack my bag the night before for whatever I’m headed to in the morning…

10:00 PM – Blogging

Okay, let’s face it, a lot of my blog posts get written late the night before. When everything from the day is all taken care of, I’m more relaxed and find it easier to think through my ideas and get it all down. I usually spend another hour or more writing and scheduling my post, scheduling tweets and also reading others’ blogs from the day. I like to try and schedule a few shares for the morning on Twitter and Facebook so I try to do that too. 

11:00 PM – Exercises and winding down

The last thing I usually do each day is getting ready for bed and doing all of my physio exercises. Between my bad back, sore foot, sore shoulder, weak core, weak glutes, problem hip flexors and pretty much everything else that hurts, I’ve got a nice little routine of stretches, rolling and exercises I do before bed. 

??? – Lights out

I’ve alluded many times to what a night owl I am and I have to be honest and admit that my actual bedtime varies. I’m trying very hard to shut the lights off by 11:30 and fall asleep but we all know I’d be lying if I said that happened every night. Let’s just say that I’m a work in progress on that front but I am aware that better sleep would benefit me greatly both on a mental and physical level.

So that’s my typical day in a very lengthy nutshell. :) Check out what other bloggers are sharing for this ‘Day in the Life’ linkup by linking to their posts below or view Katie’s original post here!

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  1. CARLA    

    AHHH it is that second shift (your 4p) which can be killer huh?
    at least here :-)
    rallying again after being awake for 12 hrs…

    CARLA recently posted…A day in my life.My Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      You bet! Especially on days when I stay up too late the night before (like I did last night. Sigh)

  2. Crystal    

    No kids and hubby here so I truly respect and applaud you lot with families. I don’t know how you manage to stay focused and fit it all in. Bravo!
    Crystal recently posted…(Ultra) Marathon Monday: In trainingMy Profile

  3. Jencloss    

    Ok I’m totally jealous of your 9-2 preschool!! I’m stoked to have both kids going now, but it’s only 9:30-11:30 and only twice a week! Let’s plan for some preschool hours grouse grinds when the snow melts!!

  4. Amber    

    This was fun to read! I’m snoopy and love reading other people’s day-in-the-life posts. Sounds like you have a great routine going for yourself!

  5. Kerri Olkjer    

    Such a great point about taking care of yourself! I need to get better at that.
    Kerri Olkjer recently posted…A Day In The Life: My Fitness, Food, and Supplement RoutineMy Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      It used to be such a concrete part of my week and then after the kids came along, it got dropped. I felt so much better when I was doing all those things regularly so I’m hoping I can get back into that routine and feel that way again. :)

  6. Rachel    

    I love love love this post. Especially the parents all staring at their phones during class! Lol. I also treat my blogging/running as a job because of the relationships and community. I don’t make any money but I value these relationships and wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without them. Thanks for sharing your day!

  7. carrie@familyfitnessfood.com    

    I blog at night too – and I totally wish I could go to bed at 7.
    carrie@familyfitnessfood.com recently posted…A Day in the LifeMy Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      Oh my gosh, bed at 7 would be heavenly!

  8. Angie    

    That picture was too funny! I’m having fun reading these posts. Hubby and I don’t have kids at home except we did have a friend of the family move in with her girls, 15 and 12. The 3rd daughter is coming next month from Honduras. It’s been quite a change from having a pretty quiet house but I really love it. It’s not forever and it’s nice we are able to help.

    Love the smoothie prep idea! Will have to start doing that.
    Angie recently posted…Do You Have an Organized Desk?My Profile

  9. Haley    

    I cannot wait until my two kids are both in school so that I can have a little “Me” time again. But my youngest is just 4 months, so that won’t be for a loooong while. We’re looking at preschools for my 3 year old right now and I am excited for her to get out and socialize a little more. She has so much energy and I can appreciate the peace of just one child at home for a few hours.
    Haley recently posted…A Day in the Life with a 3 year old and an babyMy Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      Oh yes, preschool is so great for that social piece. When I was younger fewer kids seemed to do preschool but especially since I was home with the kids, I wanted them to get out and get used to being in groups and taking instructions etc. Your little one will love it.

  10. MCM Mama    

    I used to think I’d have so much free time once my kids started school, but some how I’ve managed to fill it all up with work and running. I hear you on staying up too late. I very seldom make it to bed before midnight.
    MCM Mama recently posted…Day in the Life of MCM MamaMy Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      Yes! I was like wahoo! 5 hours a day all to myself and yet almost everyday I am racing to get things done before I have to go pick them up. I guess if there’s free time, we automatically fill it up, eh? THanks again for hosting, I love TotR. :)

  11. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta    

    I am really enjoying reading everybody’s day in the life posts. I guess I’m just nosy but I love this little peek into other people’s lives.
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted…A Day in the Life: Wife, Vegan, Dog-Mom, Runner, TrainerMy Profile

  12. melody @ {will run for margaritas}    

    Loved reading about your “day in the life” Your kiddos are so cute – I love the pic of him stretching :)

    And wow – you’ve run QUITE a bit more than your original goal of 1 half marathon – go mama!
    melody @ {will run for margaritas} recently posted…a day in the life…My Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ve done way more than I thought which is why I get asked so much when I fit in all that running but it’s really just my mornings or the occasional evening thanks to school time!

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