As we near the end of 2014 it’s hard not to think about all of the fantastic things that have happened in the past 12 months. So many great runs, tons of km, big races, new PRs, amazing friendships old and new and out of all these hours blogging, some really fun opportunities to work with great brands and organizations.

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If you know me, you know that when I’m not running I love me some couch time (gotta recover somewhere, right?) and one of the neatest opportunities I had this year was being invited to join the Netflix Stream Team. I remember way back when Netflix was a mail-order DVD rental service that we loved in the early 2000’s. I almost can’t believe how it has grown and since re-subscribing to Netflix last year, I’ve almost forgotten what regular cable is all about so when I got the Stream Team invite, it was a great fit!

It’s only been a few months on the Stream Team but I’ve really enjoyed the themed, monthly streaming suggestions and fun crafts and recipes we get to post about each month. There are so many shows and movies to pick from, I appreciate the new ideas and suggestions for shows that might interest myself and my family.

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Anyhow, to celebrate the end of the year Netflix sent me two 1-year Netflix Canada memberships to give away to friends or family and guess what? A third one to share with readers! So as a little Christmas gift to you guys, I’m excited to be offering this giveaway for a 1-year membership to Netflix Canada!

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This is such a busy time of year and reading blogs may or may not be at the top of your list as you finish up last-minute holiday things (says the girl who is baking cookies for Santa while doing laundry and writing this blog post) so I’m going to leave this giveaway open for a full week to hopefully give you lots of time to enter and share the contest with friends.

All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me your favourite Netflix show (or show you’d like to see if you had Netflix) and be sure to tell me about it via Rafflecopter. As always, you can earn additional entries by completing any number of the tasks listed out in the Rafflecopter below. 

Enter as many times as you can and please be sure to share with your Canadian friends! Contest closes December 30, 2014 and the winner will be contacted on or about that date.

Good luck friends and happiest of holidays to you! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: The memberships were provided to me for free by Netflix Canada to give to friends or family. When asked if I could give them away via social media, a third membership was offered. I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team but was not required to host this giveaway. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Rebecca    

    I watch lots of Gilmore Girls on Netflix!
    Rebecca recently posted…Christmas SharingMy Profile

  2. Leana    

    I’ve been watching Gossip Girl and the first season of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix these days. We don’t have cable and I don’t miss it thanks to the great content on Netflix.

    I *really* wish Netflix Canada had the Office!
    Leana recently posted…2014 In PhotosMy Profile

  3. Isabelle    

    I’d have to say my favourite Netflix show is orange is the new black, and i’m super excited for the next season. I would love to see scrubs and friends on Netflix Canada.

  4. mary    

    I’m currently binge watching Gilmore Girls. I love Netflix as it’s my go to for helping time pass while riding the trainer!

  5. Jenn    

    We don’t have netflix – yet :) – but I have so many friends re-watching Gilmore Girls right now. That would definitely be first in line for me, loved that show!

  6. Candice    

    I’m loving Gossip Girl right now! I’m on season 5 and can’t stop watching!

  7. jencloss    

    I LOVED Call the Midwife! Can’t wait for the next season! Also really enjoying Suits and Orange is the New Black.

  8. Alanna    

    If I had Netflix the first thing I’d watch is House of Cards – my brother raves about it. Spud, on the other hand, would be all over Pokemon!

  9. Maggie C    

    I think I would love to watch Bar Rescue!

  10. Emilia    

    I would like to watch Mr. Selfridge

  11. patti    

    We don’t have Netflix but it would be great to watch the previous Parenthood episodes. I only started watching last season. I am a bit behind.

  12. Jess    

    My favorite show to stream on Netflix would have to be Breaking Bad!

  13. Mary    

    Downton Abbey would be what I’d like to stream :) thanks for the chance!

  14. Nicole JubleeW    

    I would love to be able to watch old episodes of NCIS.

  15. maria    

    I love Orange Is The New Black.

  16. Jen    

    Gossip girl is my fave.

  17. Stephanie C D    

    I would watch Mind of a Chef!

  18. SueSueper    

    I like Jericho on Netflix.

  19. cindi    

    I don’t watch Netflix as I don’t have time. I pay for it though because my kids LOVE it! They watch Martha speaks, AFV, and much much more :)

  20. Sarah Arsenault    

    Never watched…..but really want to watch House of Cards…l

  21. Aneta Alaei    

    I want to finish Orange is the New Black

  22. Belinda McNabb    

    I do not have netlix but hoping that blue bloods is on there. I would like to watch this show

  23. Jonnie    

    We started streaming Grey’s Anatomy in November and we’re already on season 7/ It’s a wonderful show that I had never bothered to watch before I found it on Netflix.

  24. Francine    

    I don’t have Netflix, and am dying to see Orange is the new Black

  25. Lisa Neutel    

    my daughter and i love to watch Vampire Diaries on Netflix

  26. Suzie M    

    I would love to watch Orange is the new black

  27. Juliee Fitze    

    My favorite right now is the vampire dairies.

  28. Kelly H    

    Streaming Dragons Den is my favourite !

  29. Tracy D    

    I’m marathoning Fringe right now, awesome show.

  30. ann    

    Looking forward to another season of House of Cards

  31. heidi c.    

    House of Cards looks interesting.

  32. Bons    

    I want to watch Orange is the New Black.

  33. Lisa Robertson    

    I really want to watch house of cards and white collars

  34. nicoleroannef    

    Orange is the new black is on my list for sure. Looking forward to the next season.

  35. roger simmons    

    I liked Once Upon a Time. Im waiting for Season 4, and also I would love to see Grimm there.

  36. Glenn Rideout    

    I’m looking forward to seeing season 3 of house of cards. Kevin Spacey is great in the series.

  37. Lee-Ann Jeffrey    

    Orange is the New Black – love that show!

  38. Jenn Erin    

    Friends! I heard it’s coming to Netflix in the new year so I would be so excited to be able to watch it whenever I want!

  39. Courtney    

    Suits is my favourite on netflix. Such a good show. Great writing.

  40. Krista Miller    

    I want to start watching The Walking Dead, I’ve heard great (and scary!) things about it!

  41. Jasen H    

    I’ve been watching Batman the animated series on Netflix… good stuff!

  42. lisa bolduc    

    I would love to rewatch the whole series of how I met your mother

  43. Josh S    

    Arrested Development is so funny.

  44. Sunshine G    

    We’re loving The Midwife.

  45. jay nelson    

    Actually I really enjoy watching the Barbie series with my girls.

  46. Bailey Dexter    

    I would love to watch House of cards, we don’t get it here!!!

  47. Cheryl    

    I have lots of favorites. Right now I’m watching The Tomorrow People.

  48. Lori Jackson    

    Tough call between Sons of Anarchy and Orange is the New Black

  49. michelle tremblett    

    I am addicted to Gilmore girls, been my favorite for years, I re watch it over and over lol, Also my husband and I love House of cards :)

  50. lori b    

    i would like to watch the good wife

  51. Courtney    

    Orange is the new black of course!

  52. Andrea Amy    

    Currently I am watching Gilmore Girls. I am just about finished season 6. Not sure what I will watch once I am done season 7, perhaps Veronica Mars again :)

  53. kristine ewald    

    We love Orange is the new black

  54. shaunie    

    I would love to watch Orange is The New Black

  55. Elaine Fung    

    House of Cards has been one of my faves. Watching The Returned right now.

  56. Cindy elder    

    Would like to see orange is the new black and check out what else is on netflix!

  57. Lori Bazan    

    I hear such great talk over Orange is the New Black. I would love to have Netflix to start watching that show!

  58. suzi mh    

    I really want to see Orange is the new black!

  59. Barb W    

    My son loves Fireman Sam on Netflix

  60. Jenny L.    

    Ever since Grey’s Anatomy was recently added onto Netflix, I have been binge watching it! Before that I loved watching Bones.

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