With a new training plan, that is!

I’ve followed all kinds of ready-made training plans before and they never really scared me. But for some reason, getting that email with my custom training plan attached? Well that’s just kind of frightening.

This is the third training cycle since I entered into a formal coaching relationship and I know from past cycles that these plans are tough, require serious dedication and are pretty much designed to challenge my strengths and exploit my weaknesses. 

I also know from past cycles that these plans work awesome for me. I’ve seen improvements in the past year that I honestly never thought would be possible for me. So yes, I fully admit to being too afraid to open my new training plan until a couple days after it arrived but I totally know that the only way to get better is to push yourself through all those workouts that seem ‘too hard’ because one day, they actually do get easier!

Anyhow, I finally mustered up the courage to have a look at my plan. You bet I doctored things up and added all kinds of colours and fancy formatting to make the spreadsheet/plan seem a little less menacing but upon further inspection, I actually think it’s going to be fine. Tons of hard work and gruelling at times, yes but I can do it. Right?

So what’s different this time around?

Well, definitely more speed/track workouts, race pace and tempo runs for one thing. I got away without having to do too many tempo/race pace runs last cycle but not this time. Gulp. I’m also going to be doing more and longer back-to-back long runs which doesn’t scare me as much as the increased speed work.

Sunday was a beautiful day to start a new training plan!

Sunday was a beautiful day to start a new training plan!

Sunday was officially my first long run and I got off easy with just 14 km and no distance the next day. But no more Mr. Nice Guy from then on. Tomorrow I’m off to the track for my first speed workout in ages and lucky me, the entire Lower Mainland has just been warned of some crazy rainfall for the next few days.


Hey Coach, can I swim those laps around the track? 

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  1. jencloss    

    I was really impressed with the back-to-back long runs last year. I found my long run recovery to be way quicker. The hardest part was finding the right balance and my family definitely missed me. I think this year I’m going to try and follow your lead and plan for some early early weekend runs. I like the idea of getting it over with before the world is awake, but I’m going to have to work on getting to bed earlier or it’ll all just be a big mess :)

    1. slowfastnik    

      Yes, that’s definitely the hardest part isn’t it? They never complained but I know my family felt like they barely saw me last summer! I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately and actually have a few ideas in mind to make that ‘balance’ a bit easier to find. :)

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