I hope you enjoyed trying the two delicious recipes I shared a couple posts back. I’ve already got all the ingredients back on my shopping list so I can make up even bigger batches of both the No-Bake Fruit & Nut Balls and Sesame PB Date Bites. Yum. 

In honour of Peanut Butter Lovers Month I hope you also made sure to consume lots of natural peanut butter in all kinds of other delicious ways. Probably my favourite this month has been tart Granny Smith apple slices dipped in Adams Creamy Natural PB – perfection!



And because we all have delicious peanut butter on the brain this month, Adams wants to share a few fun PB facts with you about its 100% natural peanut butter so you can enjoy it to the fullest:

  • Adams Natural Peanut Butter is shelf-stable and can be stored in your pantry but after opening should be kept in the refrigerator.
  • Adams Natural Peanut Butter is available at select grocery stores, except in Quebec and the Maritimes, and retails for $4.99-$5.99/500 g.
  • There is a real Adam behind the brand. Adams has a proud and natural heritage and was founded in 1916 by Rex F. Adams, a local Tacoma, Washington football coach.
  • Adams is free of stabilizers so the oil, naturally occurring in peanuts separates – that’s why we flip the jar and store it upside-down for easy and less messy stirring. 
  • Did you know there is such a thing as a peanut butter mixer? Yes! If you don’t want to flip the jar, you can purchase a mixer at most kitchen gadget and appliance stores so that you’ll also have a well-blended peanut butter.
PB - mixing it up

See? The peanut butter mixer is a pretty handy rig to make sure your natural PB is evenly stirred!

Lastly, to celebrate Peanut Butter Lovers Month drawing to a close Adams wants to share some of their delicious 100% Natural Peanut Butter with you. I know how much we love the #naturalupside of eating Adams PB in our house and I am very excited to be able to be give away a delicious Adams 100% Natural PB prize pack to one lucky reader.

Enter to win some Adams 100% Natural PB for yourself!

To keep things simple the only thing you must do to enter is visit the Rafflecopter below and share your favourite natural peanut butter recipe. However, you may earn additional entries by completing as many of the other items as you wish. Enter once or enter as many times as you can! 

This giveaway opens at 12:00 am November 27, 2014 and ends at 12:00 am December 2, 2014. All conditions are outlined within the Rafflecopter but please note that this giveaway is open to Canadian residents only (excluding residents of Quebec). 

Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Adams generously provided me with the opportunity to host this giveaway as well as their 100% natural peanut butter (both creamy and crunchy!) and other items to help make the recipes reference in this and my previous post. Compensation was provided for this post by Adams 100% Natural Peanut Butter however, all opinions expressed herein are my own.

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  1. Cathy    

    I love peanut butter and have been known to eat a spoonful right from the jar! One of my favourite treats is a frozen peanut butter cup from The Lean Green Bean http://www.theleangreenbean.com/recipes-2/?recipe_id=6056182 . you can jazz them up with so many ingredients and they are a fantastic little snack!

    1. slowfastnik    

      That looks delicious! Must try that one of these days!

  2. Jen C    

    I love any sort of no bake energy balls. Or just dipping an apple in some PB

  3. Kris @ Canadian Girl Runs.    

    Oh my goodness, I love peanut butter with everything but as for a treat I would have to say peanut butter cookies, soft not crunchy, are my favourite!
    Kris @ Canadian Girl Runs. recently posted…To workout or not to workout?My Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      Oh me too, I’ve always loved peanut butter cookies ever since I was a kid!

  4. Elle    

    Adam’s is the favorite at our house too and we always stock up when it’s on sale. I have never seen that gadget. What a great idea!

    I love PB with apple slices or stirred into my yogurt… also a spoonful right out of the jar is a great treat!

    1. slowfastnik    

      I do the same, fill my basket when the sales come along!

  5. TinaG    

    PB goes in most of my smoothies (choc milk, banana and PB all the way). And is a fab snack with apples.
    TinaG recently posted…OMG! What to do for a Ragnar?My Profile

  6. Tara    

    I love everything peanut butter, but my favourite snack is right off the spoon!

  7. Erin Lee    

    Everyday on toast for breakfast!

    1. slowfastnik    

      Peanut butter toast! One of my pre-race staples!

  8. Katie    

    I eat natural PB – EVERY DAY – with my steel cut oats in the morning; as a dip for my apples for snacks; PB on toast with banana slices; mixed with Greek yogurt, yum; and if I’m feeling over the top decadent, which is pretty much always, spooned right out of the jar and into my mouth. I love PB!!!

    1. slowfastnik    

      Right off the spoon has to be my favourite too but I’m really digging it on apple slices these days!

  9. Leana    

    A scoop of peanut butter on my oatmeal…yum!
    Leana recently posted…Going in CirclesMy Profile

  10. Jason kurylo    

    I use Isagenix chocolate protein powder in my post-workout smoothies. Toss some peanut butter in there (along with a few ice cubes and whichever fresh fruit we’ve got in the fridge) and it’s like the healthiest peanut butter cup ever!

    1. slowfastnik    

      I actually tried a peanut butter smoothie not long ago and it was delicious! Now I throw it in whenever I think of it!

  11. Solana    

    I like to eat it in creations made for me, like your tasty balls!
    Solana recently posted…December, Bring It.My Profile

  12. Rebecca    

    In Oatmeal or with some apple slices!

    1. slowfastnik    

      I sort of missed the oatmeal bandwagon, maybe I should jump on so I can try it out with peanut butter!

  13. Sophia Gin    

    our entire family loves Adams peanut butter! Best is peanut butter toast topped with sliced bananas. It may be a kid snack, but I love it too! Bonus: great breakfast pre-run!

    1. slowfastnik    

      That’s the best thing about PB, kids AND adults love it!

  14. Keith    

    Plain fresh peanut butter, with crystalized honey, on fresh whole wheat bread is totally my favourite snack!
    Keith recently posted…The inner shark emergedMy Profile

  15. Sarah Arsenault    

    Love mine on my Little Big bread in the morning or in my oatmeal. I will be making these, they look delicious !

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