Ahhh, September. That magical time of year where the kids head back to school, routines resume and order within the household is restored. You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief as parents everywhere can once again run errands, go for a run, clean the house or simply have a coffee while being completely, beautifully and wonderfully alone. 

Happy September friends!

Happy September friends!

Except here in BC, things were a little different this year. It’s the end of September and only just now did I have my first taste of kidless freedom due to a lengthy teacher’s strike and my son’s gradual entry schedule for kindergarten. 

Without school, September felt like a bonus month of summer vacation (which was lovely) but it also made it a little tough to get a few of my runs in. With the kids home there were just some days where I couldn’t get away so I ended up running on the treadmill instead. No big deal but I can’t say my little guys are the biggest treadmill fans!

Enter my good friend Netflix

I may have been known to use Netflix to help pass the time through a boring treadmill run or two but more importantly, Netflix also helps keep the boys entertained while I’m working out. It’s a win-win.

It’s like that ledge on my treadmill was made specifically for my iPad!

It’s like that ledge on my treadmill was made specifically for my iPad!

Lately, I’ve been keeping my heart rate pumping by working my way through the creepy series Dexter but my boys are a little more repetitive and have been obsessed with the movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. We saw it in theatres, have been reading the book ever since and were thrilled to see it pop up on Netflix this summer.


They might not be able to read the words yet but they can tell me the whole story just by looking at the pictures!

For those who don’t know, The Lorax is the story of an ambitious, young entrepreneur who manufactures thneeds (the amazing knitted ’somethings-that-everyone-needs’) from the colourful fluff of the truffula trees. His business grows and in his pursuit of money, he cuts down all the truffula trees and drives most of the animals away. The Lorax (who speaks for the trees) pleads with him to stop the destruction and start taking care of the planet.


I find that it’s kind of tough to get 3 and 4 year olds to really understand concepts like citizenship and environmental stewardship but stories like The Lorax help it make sense in ways they can relate to. I love that when they’re watching movies like these they’re not just passing time but learning to think about the world around them and taking care of it. Another win for this mom over on the treadmill!

Anyhow, just as I do with my running, I love finding ways to use technology to enhance what I’m doing with the boys and what they’re learning at school. Getting to watch shows on Netflix makes them happy and finding shows and movies that have important lessons or educational value makes me happy.

My oldest son even his own truffula tree that he keeps by his bed...

My oldest son even his own truffula tree that he keeps by his bed…

Did you know that the kind people at Netflix put together streaming suggestions for families? Each month the #streamteam gets to share some titles you might want to watch with your family and for September, the suggestions centre around getting back into the swing of things and life lessons. So even though it’s the end of September, you might want to check out the suggestions at the end of this post.

With my 4th ultra marathon coming up in just 4 days, there might just be a bit of final Netflix-treadmill collaboration happening around my house this week!

I was recently invited to join the Netflix #streamteam so watch out for more streaming suggestions and related activities, crafts and recipes in coming months. As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service but all opinions expressed in these posts are purely my own.

Netflix #streamteam September Suggestions:

For the little guys…

1. Thomas & Friends: Thomas & His Friends Help Out (all things Thomas are a hit at my house!)
2. Monster Math Squad
3. Curious George (my kids love this)
4. Super Why (they’re big Super Why fans too)
5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yes, even boys like this show)
6. Signing Time
7. Animal ABCs
8. LeapFrog: Numbers Ahoy

For bigger kids…

1. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (love it!)
2. Ever After: A Cinderella Story
3. Glee (love this one too)
4. Radio
5. The Pursuit of Happyness
6. The Karate Kid (on my Netflix list to watch)
7. Turbo (boys loved this one)
8. Shrek


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