A couple weeks ago (after I almost lost my toe but before I got horribly sick) I ran the Color Me Rad 5k race in Surrey, BC. Because of said illnesses however, I’m just getting to the race report now! Oops.

After seeing so many kids last year, I wanted to do this race with my oldest son and he was so excited when I told him about. He seemed so proud that he was going to a run with Mommy and told everyone he could about what we were going to do that weekend. So fun.

It was easy to find a plain white t-shirt for the little guy but I hunted high and low for all-white shorts. In the end, all I could find were little girl’s shorts so I bought a pair and crossed my fingers that nobody could tell (they didn’t have bows or ruffles or anything).

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All in white and ready to run!

I wore my usual rainbow tutu and white tank top but this year I had some snazzy new rainbow socks to wear as well. I also opted to wear my Mizuno Wave Ascend trail shoes because I figure trail shoes are supposed to get dirty so even if a little colour stayed, it would eventually be covered in mud anyway, right?

The Wave Ascend even matched my colourful skirt!

The Wave Ascend even matched my colourful skirt!

My son was so excited the night before, I’m amazed he even slept. He was up like a shot and eager to get into his all-white outfit so we could leave. The race was being held at the Surrey Millennium Park and we were planning to meet up with my sister and her two kids there on race day. It was pretty busy when we got there but we finally met up and walked over to the start area.

I wasn’t really sure what my son would think of running a whole 5 km. The little guy is only 4 years old after all so my plan was to start off running letting him set the pace and walk whenever he wanted to. The great thing about a Color Me Rad run is that there is no time clock so I knew we could cut corners and find short cuts where we needed to and not technically be cheating.

We got to the first colour station and ran pretty much straight through. I also wasn’t sure what the little guy would think of having people throw stuff at him so we played it safe and didn’t dawdle.

At the pink station

By the next colour however, he wanted to slow down and let the colour hit him so that was pretty fun. He was doing pretty good with the running but we walked quite a bit. I also took any short cuts I could find because I knew his little legs wouldn’t last the whole 5k. I felt a bit bad about short cutting but other runners cheered him on and told him he was doing a great job so that was really nice.

He was a little unsure when we hit the blue station where they actually had liquid colour guns but he laughed the whole way through. Shortly after the blue station he was getting pretty tired so we used the bathroom and then took a little break on a bench we came across.

Trust a 4 year old to make silly faces for the camera!

Trust a 4 year old to make silly faces for the camera!

I was worried that he was getting too tired but as he clutched my hand he kept turning to me and telling me how much fun he was having. I know it was just a silly run but it melted my heart to be there running with him and have him enjoying himself. I would love my boys got into running when they are older and it was just so fun taking him to his very first race.

When we got to the finish chute, I just had to be that geeky mom and made him stop for a pic before crossing his very first finish line. He was so pleased with himself.

About to cross his very first finish line!

About to cross his very first finish line!

As we finished we were handed our colour bombs, a water and granola bars and my son thought it was pretty neat to be given food like that. He was very excited to sit down and eat his granola bar. Once we’d rested a bit I showed him how the colour bombs worked and he was pretty happy to colour us up a bit more…


We sat around for a bit longer and laughed at everyone else bombing each other and their silly costumes. We of course headed over to the photo wall for an official finish photo…

Our very first finish photo together!

Our very first finish photo together!

And seriously, how cute is this cool dude in his own finish line photo?

His first race photo

On our way out we passed by some of the colour stations as they were shutting them down and cleaning them up. People were happily playing in the leftover dust and so we went over to get in on the action at the yellow station for a bit.

Throwing the yellow colour

He of course thought this was pretty amazing and had a great time jumping, throwing, blowing and dancing in the yellow colour.

Blowing the yellow colour

When we finally got back to the car I took a few moments to explain all about chocolate milk and recovery and what it means to be Powered by Chocolate Milk. My son thought it was pretty amazing that he got to run in this fun event AND drink chocolate milk afterwards. Gotta start them young with good recovery habits, right?

Chocolate milk

All things considered, this was the perfect first race and I had so much fun running it with him. In the end, we ran just over 3 km of the total 5 km course (sorry for the short cuts everyone!) and it was the perfect distance for him. I would highly recommend this event for young children and families because it’s such a great run to give kids a taste of what running is like. 

I’ve already signed us up again for Color Me Rad in Surrey again next year and will even be bringing along Hubby and my other son to get in on the fun.

And to entice you guys to sign up for a Color Me Rad 5k either this year or next, I’m excited to let you know that I am now part of their affiliate program and have the following Color Me Rad discount code for 15% off your CMR race!

Color Me Rad discount code

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Happy running friends!

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  1. Sam @ The Running Graduate    

    It looks like you had so much fun! Your son is such a cutie! I’m doing a Color Run with my family in October and I know it’s going to be lots of fun :)
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…Running Thoughts | Thinking Out Loud 5My Profile

    1. slowfastnik    

      It really was a great day. My boys always ask about my races so I thought I’d take a chance and see how he did at a 5k (uh, 3k). It was the perfect place to introduce him to running so hopefully he’ll want to try a few actual kids races in the future! Enjoy your colour run, is it your first time?

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