One of my absolute favourite things to eat is fish tacos. You can pretty much guarantee that if the menu has fish tacos on it, that’s what I’ll be ordering. I can’t really explain why I love them so much but I do and here’s a little story about our favourite fish tacos and setting out to recreate them. Yum!

fish tacos with fresh pineapple recipe

We were recently in Hawaii and discovered that the beach bar at our hotel had the most delicious fish tacos we’d ever had. They had all the standard bits and pieces but we think it was the spicy aioli and fresh pineapple chunks that had us swooning. We ate them every day we were there!

These little guys were like fish taco heaven...

These little guys were like fish taco heaven…

We knew we had to try and recreate these bad boys when we got home. The fish part was easy but we needed to find the rest of the ingredients that made these tacos ‘special’…

I went on the hunt for a chipotle aioli at our local grocery store. I found lots of recipes for making my own but I’m just not a chilli kind of girl and figured I’d start out by trying a prepared aioli first. I finally found this sauce but it was a tiny bit too spicy for me so I mixed it with some sour cream to cut the heat. Down the road I’ll probably try making my own.

Not bad for a grocery store brand...

Not bad for a grocery store brand…

The pineapple was another big part of these tacos and luckily we had brought back a few from Hawaii. I had been saving one final pineapple in the fridge so I chopped it up for our tacos. Yum.

The coleslaw is pretty standard in fish tacos and I wanted ours to be a bit sweet and a tiny bit spicy. I glanced at lots of recipes online and settled on trying a mix of sour cream, honey, lime juice and cayenne. I didn’t really have amounts in mind so I just eyeballed it.

The coleslaw dressing was a total guess but it worked out!

The coleslaw dressing was a total guess but it worked out! I would have used fresh lime if I had enough but the juice worked out fine in a pinch.

You could probably use any white fish you like but fresh sole fillets were on sale at our grocery store so we used those. Seasoning the fish wasn’t terribly complicated and it really comes down to how spicy you like it. I drizzled the fish with olive oil and then went fishing (ha, get it? Fishing?) in my spice cupboard for seasoning. I ended up using garlic powder, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper but you could use any seasonings you think you’d like. The fish could be grilled or fried but in case you’re noticing a theme here, I went with what was easiest and pan fried the fish and it turned out great.

Poor cumin didn’t make the shot because the bottle was empty!

Poor cumin didn’t make the shot because the bottle was empty!

The rest of the toppings were simply chopped up and again, you could add any other things you think you’d like. For us, we wanted to keep these tacos simple so went with just the coleslaw, pineapple, aioli, fresh lime and sour cream and it was perfect.

I had no idea so many people liked fish tacos until I tweeted about these guys last night. I even downloaded this snazzy recipe card plugin so I could share my new fish taco favourites with you. Enjoy!

Fish Tacos
A successful attempt at re-creating the delicious fish tacos we had in Hawaii. The addition of the chipotle aioli and pineapple made these the best fish tacos we’ve ever tasted...
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For the fish
  1. 350 g White Fish (we used fresh sole fillets)
  2. Olive oil
  3. Smoked Paprika
  4. Garlic Powder
  5. Cumin
  6. Salt & Pepper
  7. Coconut Oil (if you pan fry)
For the coleslaw
  1. 1/2 pkg Coleslaw Mix (or fresh cabbage but I already had the bag)
  2. Cilantro
  3. 3 tbsp Sour Cream (approx.)
  4. 1 tbsp Honey (approx.)
  5. 2-3 tbsp Lime Juice (I used bottled but fresh would be so much better)
  6. Dash of Cayenne Pepper
For the toppings
  1. Pineapple (fresh or canned - we had some fresh that we brought from Hawaii!)
  2. Chipotle Aioli (we used a prepared one but you could easily make your own)
  3. Sour Cream
  4. Fresh Lime wedges
  5. Green onion
  6. Avocado or Guacamole would also be good
  7. Corn or flour soft tortillas (but you could use crunchy shells if you preferred)
  8. Chips and salsa (for on the side)
For the fish
  1. Lay fish in a glass dish and drizzle well with olive oil
  2. Sprinkle with paprika, garlic powder, cumin, salt and pepper
  3. Flip fish a few times to make sure they’re evenly seasoned
  4. Fry in pan with a little oil of your choice until flaky. Approx. 5 mins per side for sole fillets.
  5. Remove from heat and set aside.
For the coleslaw
  1. Place a few tbsp of sour cream in a large bowl
  2. Add lime juice, honey and dash of cayenne pepper, whisk together
  3. Chop a small handful of cilantro and add to coleslaw
  4. You can easily adjust this recipe to taste and for how much coleslaw you want to make. It is not an exact recipe.
  5. Cover and set aside.
To prepare toppings
  1. Warm tortillas according to package directions (I covered mine with Glad Press n Seal and heated in microwave for 45 seconds)
  2. I mixed our chipotle aioli with a bit of sour cream because it was a bit spicy for me
  3. Chop up the green onion, pineapple, avocado and any other toppings you’d like to use
  4. Build tacos and serve with a wedge of fresh lime, tacos and salsa on the side!
  1. This is not an exact recipe, all amounts can be adjusted by feel depending on how many tacos you want to make.
  2. Spice levels can easily be adjusted depending on how spicy you like your tacos.
  3. The main takeaway for us in this recipe is the combo of the chipotle aioli, coleslaw and pineapple - delish!
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  1. MrsAimeeC    

    I LOVE fish tacos and these look great. Maybe I’d sub out greek yogurt for the sour cream. You think that’d work?


    1. slowfastnik    

      Oh it definitely would! When I experimented with these I was using a lot of what I already had in my kitchen but greek yogurt would be a super easy and equal substitution. Great idea!

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