Here we are just 3 more sleeps until BMO Vancouver Marathon. I’m excited for marathon #5 but as usual, also a bit nervous. Thank goodness I’ve had an unusually good taper this time so at least I’m going in feeling pretty relaxed.

These last few days will be spent hydrating, rolling and stretching to my heart’s content but there are still a few other things I need to do. You know, the kinds of things that seem to critical in my mind but I’m pretty sure are not at all important to actually running this marathon.

And yet, they must be done. Out of habit, superstition or misguided belief (who knows) here are some of the not-so-important ways I’m preparing for my marathon on Sunday…

  1. Getting my nails did. I always like to clean up my toes before a big race and picking a fresh new colour for them just makes me happy. This time around I’ll be taking care of my finger nails too however. I got a snazzy manicure before Hawaii and the very day I got home I reduced 3 nails down to broken, jagged messes. Nothing grates on my nerves more than a snaggy nail and around all that lycra and luon I can’t take chances at snagging my run gear!

    These sandy toes need some attention!

    These sandy toes need some attention!

  2. Writing poetry. If you’ve been around this blog for awhile, you might have noticed that I have a tendency to post poems in the last days before a big race (like this, this and this). I’m not sure if I find the rhythm of writing poems to be calming or if the silliness of it just makes me happy at an otherwise stressful time but rest assured, you’ll be seeing an Ode to the Vancouver Marathon very soon!

    Hmm, guess I’ve done this before...

    Hmm, seems I’ve done this a few times before…

  3. Buying chips. I can’t help it, nothing makes me happier than a bag of crispy, salty regular potato chips (wow, that’s pretty sad) and for the month of April I dared myself to a ‘no-chip challenge’ during my DietBet. Seeing that the month is over however, I made sure that the potato chips made it onto this week’s grocery order so I can pack them in my finish line bag.

    Mmm chips...

    Mmm chips…

  4. Preventative epsom salt baths. I think many of us can agree how wonderful a good soak in a hot epsom salt bath feels after a long run. But have you ever heard of any evidence that epsom salt baths before a race make any difference at all? Yeah, neither have I. Yet for some reason, I can’t help myself from taking them each night in the days leading up to a big race! Placebo effect, anyone?

    Nothing feels better than some tub time with Dr. Teals!

    Nothing feels better than some tub time with Dr. Teals!

  5. Run gear fashion shows. Picking out just the right gear and clothing for a marathon is one of the most important decisions regarding race day. Obsessing over the colours of said clothing is not. Years ago, I used to fret about my race day outfit from pure inexperience but its kind of become this thing that I always do even to this day. Even though I know what works best in various conditions, I seem to spend way too much time deliberating and trying everything on and dragging along all kinds of options in case I change my mind.

    Sometimes a bright outfit can be enough to put you in a good mood on race day!

    Sometimes a bright outfit can be enough to put you in a good mood on race day!

You might think I’m silly having even admitted to wasting my precious pre-race hours on things such as these when there’s strategizing, stretching and race day logistics to plan. But somehow these insignificant tasks have kind of become part of my pre-race ritual and somehow make me feel focused and ready come race day.

So as you lay out your one outfit selection this weekend and roll your muscles in preparation for the big race, think of me, I’ll be smiling to myself as I paint my nails and dream of just how good those salty potato chips are going to taste at the finish line!

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  1. Krista @ Read.Bake.Run.Repeat.    

    I always look forward to your pre-race poems! I hope you got the manicure you were after and that outfit is perfect, very bright, good for all your spectators to spot you on course!

    1. slowfastnik    

      Well that makes one of you poetry fans at least, thanks! Still haven’t quite decided on the official outfit but that’s a contender!

  2. Ange @ Cowgirl Runs    

    It’s a known fact that wearing an aweswome race day outfit makes you run faster!!

    Have a great race in Van this weekend, the weather looks like it’s amazing!!

    PS – I’ve nominated you for a Liebster

  3. Crystal    

    Hey knock ’em dead tomorrow! I wish you a strong run. (PS. We have the same sneakers!)

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