Whoa, two weeks in a row I’m riding the Thinking Out Loud train. That’s okay, I actually really enjoyed just getting some thoughts out last week without having to compose a complete post. It’s just perfect for where I’m at right now with this whole blog changeover and heading into the busy Easter weekend. Plus, I really loved checking out the other posts everyone linked up with Amanda

Thinking Out Loud Thursday link up

Anyhow, here’s what I’m thinking about this week:

  • WordPress! Yup, I’ve made the switch and everything is near complete! It actually wasn’t as painful as I expected but thankfully I had someone wonderfully knowledgable managing the transition for me. There’s still lots of work to do updating old posts, tweaking the layout and figuring out the lay of the WordPress land but so far I think it’s gone pretty well. Hopefully you like the new look!


  • Speed work. Ever since having Solana do up my training plans, speed work has become a regular part of my week. Last night just happened to be my longest, hardest workout in the past few weeks and thanks to life getting in the way, I wasn’t able to get to the track until about 8:30 pm. Ugh. Bad start to the night but it went pretty rad in the end. 10 x 800m repeats, all between 3:43 and 3:51 with one outlier at 3:54 due to a side stitch. I was in a horrible mood when I started and grumpy that I was at the track mostly alone so late at night but a few good intervals and I was feeling better. Yay for good, hard workouts.
track workout Yasso 800s

Not the greatest pic but I was too happy to be finished my 10 Yasso’s to try for a better one!


  • Am I speedy enough? The point of all this speed work was to try and get new 21.1 and 42.2 PRs this year. I shaved 15 off my marathon (to 4:45) but was disappointed it wasn’t the 4:30 I was trained for. My speed work always goes well and all indications are that I should be able to easily get that 4:30 (and then some) but I’m finding myself nervous again as BMO Vancouver Marathon approaches (16 days away!) A really good friend is the 4:15 pacer at BMO and ‘coach’ thinks I should start with her and see what happens. Am I speedy enough though? Who knows…
Is my good friend Candice going to be the pace bunny that gets me a new PR?

Is my good friend Candice going to be the pace bunny that gets me a new PR?


  • Hawaii. With these past few weeks being so busy, I have barely spent any time thinking about the fact that we’re getting away for a little vacation next weekend. Last year I was the top fundraiser on our Run for Water ultra marathon team and for that honour I won two WestJet tickets. We’ve had a very busy year with building the house so we decided to just sneak away for a quickie sit in the sand and sun and I can’t wait!
This was my favourite sunset from our last trip to Hawaii...

This was my favourite sunset from our last trip to Hawaii…


  • DietBet. I’m so glad I’m doing DietBet this time around. Just simple changes to what I’ve been eating and I’m feeling so much better. It ends on April 28 which is (not) conveniently the day we get back from Hawaii so I’m hoping to have a little buffer so I can indulge just a little while we’re away. Wish me luck on that.


  • Run for Water. Did I mention I’m running an ultra marathon in 36 days?

PS Sorry about the wonky spacing, still figuring out how the WordPress editor works…

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  1. Ange @ Cowgirl Runs    

    The new site looks GREAT!
    I just bit the bullet TODAY and bought a hosting package, so now I have to move everything over and hope I don’t break my blog in the process. Eeps!!

    I’m jealous of your vacation, goodness knows I’m sick of the snow :)

    1. slowfastnik    

      Sounds like you know a lot more about the back end of this blog stuff than I do so I’m sure it will go well. So far I’m really liking wordpress but there’s still a few things I need to figure out. I’ll bring back a little sand for you from Hawaii!

  2. Crystal    

    You know you haven’t been reading blogs for a while when … Nice switch! Blog looks great! I went back and forth between WordPress and Blogger a few times. My CSS and coding isn’t very good so I stayed with Blogger because I had more control with my so-so html knowledge.

    Anyway .. I am also jealous that you have a holiday coming up! I’ve been slacking on my speedwork lately. My legs always feel like toast after crossfit.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. slowfastnik    

      Thanks Crystal! It was kind of a big deal to make the decision and just go for it but I’m happy I did. Every day I get a few more things changed to how I like them but I’m getting close! The strength you’re gaining at Crossfit probably makes up for some of that speed training, don’t worry! :)

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