I had a totally different post planned for today but then last night I got thinking about how much of my ability to run, falls on the shoulders of the people in my life.

After being sick on the weekend and having to bail on what was supposed to be a high mileage weekend, sorting out what and when I was going to run this week was a bit of a logistical nightmare. Whiney texts, desperate, pleading phone calls and a few emails later and I finally had something worked out. I honestly don’t know how I would do it without everyone around me.

There’s lots of talk these days about finding your tribe and surrounding yourself with like-minded people. I think in most ways people are referring to finding a community where you belong but I can’t help but feel like my tribe is made up of not just my running community but the people who support me and help me be a part of that community…

Without my parents and sister, I wouldn’t have all the daytime childcare help I need. I can usually find a way to schedule my running during school hours or when my husband is home but it seems there are always weeks where other stuff comes up and I need that extra help of someone to watch the kids while I sneak out onto the roads or to the track for a little while during the day.

No matter how far, fast or slow I go, my parents are behind me...

No matter how far, fast or slow I go, my parents are behind me…

Without a running coach, er I mean friend like Solana, I wouldn’t have the tough, personalized training plan I’ve been following and someone to whine to and commiserate with when things don’t go according to it. Admittedly, I panicked a bit this weekend when I realized how much mileage I was missing because I was sick but Solana calmed me down, pumped me up and revised my plan like she has so many times before.

Solana and I at Run for Water last year...

Solana and I at Run for Water last year…

Without my husband, I wouldn’t have the unconditional support and ability to be the runner I am. Raising a family pretty much takes over your entire life and without a supportive partner, I wouldn’t even have the opportunity to get out of the house and train when I need to. My running takes an incredible amount of give-and-take between the two of us and I am so thankful I have a husband who is willing to work with me.

Believe it or not we actually began this running journey together in 2008!

Believe it or not we actually began this running journey together in 2008!

Without my in-laws I likely wouldn’t have had the luxury of being able to go away on running trips over the past few years. Yes, my husband is here for the kids when I want to go away but with his busy work schedule, his parents have been a lifesaver and will always come stay at our place and help Hubby take care of the boys when I’m gone and he’s at work.

My entire family and in-laws made it possible for me to do Goofy in 2013...

My entire family and in-laws made it possible for me to do Goofy in 2013…

Without the amazing support of companies like Mizuno, Barefooters, CEP and organizations like Powered by Chocolate Milk things would be a lot different for me. I know I’d still be running and training just as hard but having such incredible companies believe in what I’m doing and support me by way of gear, sponsorship and advice is pretty much my running dream come true. I am a very lucky girl to have these guys and others in my tribe.

Without my doctors, therapists and practitioners I actually physically wouldn’t be running. From everyone who got me through the recovery from my back injuries through to everyone who helps me on a regular basis with the still ongoing aches and pains and any running issues as they arise, I am one lucky girl to have such caring people working with me to keep my pain managed and my body moving. It’s a big job!

Without my friends, family and fellow runners (both via social media and in real life) I wouldn’t have the ongoing support and encouragement to keep at it. Yes, I run for myself, my health and my own satisfaction but  it’s hard to deny the incredible power of knowing people care about what you are doing and genuinely want to see you succeed, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment via Tweet or text. I know running doesn’t excite everyone the same way it does me but seeing my friends support me through challenges like fundraising, months of training, ultra marathons and waiting out injuries, I know they’re behind me just the same and it means the world.

As I write this all out I’m realizing just how much everyone around me gives so that I can do something I love. How do I ever thank everyone enough for that? It’s pretty hard I must admit but hopefully I’m doing an okay job at it.

It really does take a village to raise a runner, have you thanked everyone in yours lately?

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  1. Amber    

    I love this! I’ve been thinking about this a lot myself lately as I work twice as hard and my long runs have gotten twice as long. While so much of my running journey has been solo, I look at the amount of sacrifice my boyfriend has made for me and my running over the years – he travels with me to my events, wakes up super early to cheer me on… my friends have planned entire trips around me running an event… my parents think any km is amazing. And the amazing people I’ve met along the way, and new friends I have from joining a group, etc, etc. Running is an amazing… sport? nah, lets call it a lifestyle instead.. sport doesnt do it justice 😉

    1. slowfastnik    

      It’s so true isn’t it? And I love the way you put it about being a lifestyle and not just a sport. I think in my mind it started out as a sport until I realized how much more I was getting out of it than just exercise. Running has changed so much of my life in so many ways. :)

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