So unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that I talk about chocolate milk a lot. And take lots of pictures with my chocolate milk too…

And that’s because I am very honoured to be an Athlete Ambassador with the Powered By Chocolate Milk (#pbcm) family. Recovery is a huge part of training for the marathons and ultra marathons that I do each year and one of the very first steps after a hard workout is to make sure I fuel up again. A big glass of chocolate milk does just the trick!

I have chocolate milk at the end of
my rainbow!

Anyhow, I’m very excited to be writing this post because my chocolate milk family is giving me the opportunity to share some of this delicious recovery with 5 lucky readers in my western Canadian neck of the woods. They have set up the following contest and I am so happy to be sharing it with you.

The Powered By Chocolate Milk campaign is keen to share why chocolate milk makes such a great recovery fuel and further inspire and encourage Canadian athletes. To do so, they’ve prepared these fantastic prize packs and I get to share them with you.

Each PBCM prize pack contains:

  • An insulated lunch bag and ice pack to keep your chocolate milk cold on the go
  • Two cartons of delicious chocolate milk
  • A PBCM aluminum water bottle (I love mine)
  • A PBCM dry-fit shirt
  • PBCM stickers
  • A $50 gift card to the Running Room
Pretty great, huh?
The PBCM rules are pretty simple and you can enter to win one of these awesome gifts by doing the following:
  1. Leave me a comment with your favourite recovery tip or trick
  2. Follow me on Twitter (@ndscottnygren)
  3. Tweet about the contest, something along the lines of: “Love chocolate milk for recovery? Enter to win a @pbchocolatemilk prize pack via @ndscottnygren! #pbcm”
The contest is open to athletes of all sports in BC, Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan so be sure to let all of your friends know so they can enter too! Winners will be chosen and notified on April 11, 2014.

Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Good luck!

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  1. Lex    

    Cowgirl runs sent me this way and I am looking forward to reading your blog! Recovery wise, i usually have a protein shake and a banana while I do all my stretching. One thing i love that helps a lot is the pigeon pose, stretches you out nicely!

  2. Jenny @ simply be me    

    Foam rolling is my best recovery tip – I definitely feel it when I don’t foam roll!

  3. Chaminda    

    Chocolate milk and Banana – Food
    Foam rolling

  4. Unknown    

    My recovery is chocolate milk (of course!), Epsom salt bath after a tough/long run, stretching and foam rolling.

  5. swyers    

    Lately because of your posts, I am loving Chocolate milk, but I also need my Pro Compression socks after a long run.

  6. Leigh    

    Nothing better than a cold glass of chocolate milk after a long run or hard workout! Combine it with a hot bath and a foam roll, you have the key to the perfect recovery :)

  7. Kirky    

    My favourite recovey routine after a long run is pouring myself a huge glass of water, and maybe a cup of tea or a chocolate milk, grabbing a snack and plunking myself down in front of the TV for some stretching and vegging. When I’m through with whatever crap is on TV, I’ll have my shower and put on my compression socks.

  8. patti    

    Honestly…still trying to figure out the recovery part especially the food. I stretch and on the days I have a longer run I keep my compression socks on all day. Yesterday, I had chocolate coconut milk after a short evening run.

  9. JenC    

    Foam rolling and a hot shower

  10. Elle    

    I like to stretch and drink lots of water – then I love a hot soak… my husband, however, swears by chocolate milk. His favorite drink of choice.

  11. amylynnruns    

    I do the chocolate milk thing after longer runs, but I definitely have to foam roll after each run or I suffer.

  12. Krista @ Read. Bake. Run. Repeat.    

    My recovery favorites are compression socks, voltaren emulgel, chocolate milk, and the hot tub! I’m learning to love foam rolling too as well as using a lacrosse ball to roll the bottom of my feet, seriously Running Room should start selling them, a million times better than those Foot Rubz ones…

  13. Josh Siemens    

    Foam rolling works great. (Choc milk is nice too) 😉

  14. FineFettle (Michelle C.)    

    Ooh love the rainbow. The GC would be great too. I don’t normally do chocolate milk because of the “flavour” in it which may contain malt aka gluten (poison for Celiacs like me). Does anyone know of a brand that is lower in sugar and gluten-free? I could be tempted to try it….

  15. cicil    

    rice with almond butter helps me recover!1

  16. Laurel C    

    Hydrate! And work on those trigger points!

  17. Ange @ Cowgirl Runs    

    I have a recovery shake as soon as I walk in the door, followed by foam rolling, stretching and LOTS of water

  18. Rebby    

    Ice Ice Ice and ICE! Cold showers do wonders for an aching body as opposed to a hot one!

  19. Lisa Whelton    

    So far my only “recovery” has been a quick shower, a meal and then back at it with the kids – not necessarily in that order. Maybe one day I’ll get a real recovery routine!

  20. Elle    

    Keep hydrated afterwards even if you don’t feel thirsty and stretch/foam roll to ease muscles.

  21. Solana    

    Hello Magical Chocolate Milk Fairy Unicorn.

    I love chocolate milk after hard runs. Love, love, love.

  22. Melissa Nemeth    

    My favourite way to recover is compression socks and yoga! I love stretching and just relaxing after a nice long run!


    I use chocolate milk for recovery all the time. I give talks at the Running Room with the Powered By Chocolate Milk Campaign too! I also love my compression socks for recovery.

  24. Kelly    

    My favorite thing to do after a long run is to take a nap :)

  25. braincandybooks    

    Aside from chocolate milk, my best recovery tip (especially after a long run) is to keep moving. Although I always want to flop down on the couch or take a nap right after, continuing to walk around for at least another 20 minutes keeps the blood flowing and I find I’m nowhere near as stiff or sore the next day.

  26. Wehaf    

    I recommend hydrating and stretching!

  27. Dan    

    My is similar to braincandybooks but mine is regarding the day after a log and hard run or race. I always make sure I go for a nice and slow, easy run the following day to stay loose. This seems to reduce the stiffness and speeds up recovery time.

  28. happypinkrunner    

    Chocolate milk and an ice bath!

  29. dontmindmymind    

    After stretching, refueling, etc, my recovery is not complete without a victory nap!

  30. Barb    

    I used to do super cold water baths, but now I enjoy recovering with a warm bath and epsom salts.

  31. Jennifer Mullaly    

    Part of my recovery includes: stretching, rolling, and a good nap!

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