I feel like I write this same post every few months or maybe a few times a year. I think more accurately, it seems to be after each big race is over. There seems to be a point for me when post-race recovery feels a lot less about ‘recovery’ and a whole lot more about being ‘lazy’. Oops.

The celebration is done and the sore muscles have subsided yet I find myself continuing to eat way too much of the wrong things and my exercise laundry pile is indicative of how much I’ve been running and woefully small…

That is just not enough exercise laundry!

It’s sad but true. I tend to go a bit ‘off the rails’ after a big race and then a week or two later find myself ready to re-focus. And what do you know, today is that day. Re-focus Friday.

I’ve got a few really big races coming up in the next couple months and starting this weekend, I’m putting my game face back on and jumping back into training and preparation for them. Here’s my plan:

  • Start off with a bang. What better way to get back into training mode than to throw yourself in head first? This weekend I have some pretty big trail adventures ahead of me and I’m counting on them to rekindle my spirit and get me excited to work hard again. Tomorrow is the orientation run for the Squamish 23 race I’m doing in August and on Sunday, I’m running the Cap Crusher 8k thanks to winning a free entry from Sole Girls. Only an 8k you say? Yeah well their website hails it as the toughest 8km trail race in Canada. Gulp. 
Check out this crazy elevation profile over just 8km!

  • Get back to racing weight with DietBet. All those post-race indulgences need a bit of correction and I really need to focus on eating better. I loved the support and motivation I’ve had in previous DietBet games and am excited to be co-hosting my own DietBet with Solana starting soon! If you need to re-focus on healthy eating again or drop a few pounds, you should join us! I’ll be posting all of the details in the next few days.
  • Update my training plan. The Run for Water ultra marathon is my biggest goal on the horizon and it’s time to update my training plan to make sure I’m ready for 55+ km at the end of May. I’m thinking more mileage, strength training and back-to-back weekends. This time last year I was fighting a calf injury so I’m pretty happy to be going in this year injury-free (knocking on wood as I type this). 
  • Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise! Along with my training for Run for Water comes the task of raising $1500 for clean water projects. A team of 10 local teachers and R4W society members are in Ethiopia right now visiting past, current and future projects and getting the chance to see what our money is doing. How exciting is that? I’m already about a third of the way there but will need the help of friends, family and the amazing running community to help me reach this goal. If you would like to help, please consider donating below. Even small donations add up to do amazing things.

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  1. Jessica @ RunYourMuttOff    

    I am currently teetering on the line between recovery and lazy :) But, I do still have some soreness and I can’t risk an injury so I’m going to extend the recovery and not feel guilty.
    But, like you, I’ve been indulging a little too much. I’m looking forward to the DietBet info. I’ve never done it but want to check it out, it might be just what I need to help me shed a few.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Tina Fab    

    Things are gonna get exxxxxciting!! this race looks good.. good ol hils to kick you in the pants and crush you , erm I mean motivate you!! I love a good trail and that sounds awesome. and hard…and a good workout that will not be speed based. but you will feel so awesome when you are done! I love those kind of races. Looking forward to May…where you will be amping up for your Run for Water!! Lots to do between now and then (wooohoo!!)

  3. Jeff Pelletier    

    See you at Cap Crusher! I’m running the 8k too, definitely harder than it looks :)

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