You might recall back in October I had the neat opportunity to be part of the filming for a new video Jeff Pelletier of Pacer Films was shooting for the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series. I wrote this post all about getting to run through the trees with a group of friends, chased by Jeff and his camera.

This film is the second in their ‘Get off the Road’ video series and focusses on my good friend Solana Klassen who is a 5 Peaks Ambassador and has since become their new Race Director for the Lower Mainland race series. 5 Peaks wanted to inspire people to get off the road by highlighting each of their ambassadors in this video series and since one of her projects is the Ladies of the Trails running group, Solana invited us to be part of the shoot.

I can only imagine how much work goes into a film like this from the running footage to the interviews and all of the careful editing. The final video was just released this week and even though I was only a tiny part of it all, I am proud to share it with you:
Since first seeing Jeff’s work in Running Vancouver, a 6-part series he did following three local runners preparing for the BMO Vancouver Marathon, I have always loved seeing his films. The film he did for 5 Peaks ambassador James Marshall was really cool and so I was excited to see what he put together for Solana.
Upon seeing it, I had the following thoughts:
  • So, so cool!
  • It’s really neat but kind of weird to see yourself running around on camera
  • I look like a boy in my interview
  • I talk too fast
  • I have a very ‘swingy’ ponytail
  • We’re pretty lucky to have such nice places to run here in Vancouver
  • Did I mention I look like a boy?
See what I mean? Nikki, the fast-talking boy…
(I don’t think I could have taken a funnier screen shot)
Anyhow, I think Jeff did an awesome job with this film as always and I’m very proud of Solana for her involvement with 5 Peaks and all of the great opportunities that have come to her since.
Great shot of Solana captured from the film
If you didn’t take the time to check out the links to Jeff’s other films I included above, I highly recommend you take a few moments. Guaranteed, you’ll feel inspired to get out, roads or trails, and go for a run. It is really very cool to see the sport you love so much portrayed so beautifully on film.

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  1. Jeff Pelletier    

    It was a pleasure working with you ladies! I couldn’t wait to hear what you all thought – glad I didn’t disappoint 😉

    ..And I think the ‘swingy’ pony tail works great.

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Thanks Jeff! A lot of people have commented to me about the swingy ponytail! I love it!

  2. Diana Martinez    

    You do not look like a boy! Silly. =)

  3. Abby    

    Wow. Those trails look gorgeous too.
    And I ditto that the swingy ponytail is really cute.

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Thanks! I’m glad my ponytail is a star!

  4. Gary Jones    

    You do not look like a boy! Your funny 😀

  5. Jessica @ RunYourMuttOff    

    Oh, you’re silly; boys don’t have such pretty smiles! 😉 Great video, thanks for sharing. I loved the giggling interspersed throughout.

  6. Susan W    

    The colours you were all wearing looked amazing against the gorgeous backdrop of the trees. I sent it to my husband who loved it and now wants to book a trip to Vancouver. I’m okay with that :)

  7. Leigh    

    That video is awesome! So jealous of the trails you have access to. I also liked hearing how you and Solana sound…is that weird? Neither of your voices sounded like I had pictured (not in a bad way either!)

  8. Runner Leana    

    Such a cool video!!! I loved the BMO Van Marathon series and Jeff did a great job with this video too. You have such amazing trails around there. No wonder you guys get hooked.

    I absolutely love the puppy running along with you guys!!

  9. Amanda RunToTheFinish    

    AWESOME!!! I think seeing yourself run in video is like hearing your own voicemail “I don’t sound like that!”

  10. Cori @ Read.Write.Run.Mom    

    You DO NOT look like a boy. LOL. I will say, though – it didn’t sound like you when you were talking. I had to rewatch it.
    But I did find it amusing how they slo-mo’d your ponytail so many times throughout the video.

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