Sometimes it feels as if my morning routine is as crazy and stressful as the morning of a big race.
Getting the kids out of bed and dressed can be as difficult as picking the perfect race day outfit. Will it rain? Will I be too hot? Are these kids ever going to wake up? It’s kind of the same stress.
Once downstairs, trying to get my boys to eat a decent, healthy breakfast is about as complicated as planning the perfect pre-race meal. I want to eat enough, but not too much. Is it too early? Too late? Did those boys eat anything at all? They’re both equally mystifying.
Making sure both boys have their backpacks, mitts and shared snacks (since when did students start sharing their snacks anyway?) is much like the anxiety of hoping I packed everything I need for my race.
By the time we finally get out the door and on our way to school I’m dizzy, hungry and praying I didn’t forget anything. Pretty much exactly how I feel as I drive off to a big race (obsessively checking that I grabbed all my gear of course!)
Seeing how these two parts of my life are so parallel, maybe it’s time that I start using what I’ve learned from one to help improve the other. 
Since the New Year began I’ve been working hard to simplify my life, particularly when it comes to meal planning and juggling my family life and training schedule. I’ve enjoyed finding ways to eat healthier and save time. So far, I’ve been staying on track, but our active lifestyles keep us so busy that I’m going to take a cue from my running to help make my day-to-day easier too.

A big part of any race morning is eating the right meal and I always go back to the basics and stick with what works: PEANUT BUTTER! In a sandwich, on toast or even just straight from the jar, peanut butter is always part of a successful race morning for me.

natural peanut butter as part of a healthy pre-race breakfast
My typical pre-run breakfast…
I am very excited to have been offered the chance to work with Adams Natural Peanut Butter and discover some new ways to enjoy my old standby and help make my life a little bit easier.
And while ‘easy’ is great, ‘easy and natural’ is even better. A jar of Adams Natural Peanut Butter contains only peanuts and a dash of salt (less than 1% in fact). There are no preservatives, stabilizers, artificial flavours or added sugar, which as an athlete I appreciate, but as a mom I love even more considering how much peanut butter my boys eat on a regular basis!  

Adams 100% natural peanut butter
I love that each jar contains only peanuts and a dash of salt but
my boys love helping me mix it up!
Adams wants to help make a well-balanced lifestyle easy and delicious by sharing some cool new ways to enjoy all natural peanut butter. From smoothies to oat cups, dinner ideas and even popcorn snacks I’m looking forward to trying and sharing some of their new recipes with you in a future post.

Adams Natural Peanut Butter Naturally Simple recipes

In the meantime, feel free to check out (and drool over) some of the latest Adams Naturally Simple recipes. Which ones would you most want to try?
Adams generously provided me with their 100% natural peanut butter (both creamy and crunchy!) as well as other items to help make the recipes. Compensation was provided for this post by Adams Natural Peanut Butter however, all opinions expressed herein are my own.

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  1. Tina Fab    

    I love the PB mixer!!! I prefer natural PB over the ones with a ton of additives. Great tool…i want one! :-) I too am always on the go. I do not have kids, but do have 3 jobs. So looking for quick healthy ways to fuel for runs and for “real life” which pretty much is a blend. I do love a smoothie or PB with toast after a run. yum. its a go to snack for sure

  2. Brian Baker    

    PB on toast pretty well every morning for me too, race or not! Also like to spread it on celery (although the people I live with find that a little strange…)

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Oh yum, peanut on celery has been a favourite since I was a kid! Especially if you add raisins on top!

  3. Brian Baker    

    btw Nikki, what’s the scenery in your blog header? Love it, BC of course, but what part?

    1. Jeff Pelletier    

      Looks like the view looking back at Vancouver up Indian Arm from Diez Vistas (above Buntzen Lake) to me!

  4. Elle    

    Adams is a favorite in our kitchen too. My husband eats it several times a week!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Yes we have a few peanut butter addicts in our house too. Maybe now we don’t need to feel so guilty eating it straight from a spoon!

  5. Stan (    

    Mmm peanut butter. 1 teaspoon on banana, bite then repeat until banana is gone = happiness. Great post!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      I love PB and banana sandwiches but I never thought of trying just the banana and PB! I’ll definitely have to try out your ‘recipe’!

  6. Abby    

    That looks amazing, my favorite way to eat PB is with a BIG spoon straight from the jar. Guilty!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Mmm, peanut butter spoon…

  7. Crystal Rhyno    

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Crystal Rhyno    

    I am on the cheap now. I refuse to buy peanut butter because I make my own :) But when I bought peanut butter it was Adams! I like to take frozen bananas and a scoup of peanut & throw them in the Vitamix. Tastes like ice cream!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Oooh, I’ve made that banana ‘ice cream’ before and it’s delicious! So when you make your own PB, forgive me if this is a dumb question, but do you just blend up a bunch of peanuts?

  9. forestsister    

    I’ve recently started using natural peanut butter in my smoothies with chocolate almond milk and bananas. I haven’t heard of the Adams brand but may give it a go when my current jar runs out.

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