I like to think I’m pretty good for staying hydrated throughout the day. I’m also a big believer that if you like the cup you’re drinking from, you’ll drink WAY more water. For me, it’s gotta be ice cold. I love ice.

Ice is nice.

For years my cup of choice has been the Contigo insulated travel mug These cups are great – a cup of ice water will still have ice in it the next morning, it’s crazy. My only beef is that since these are travel mugs, they don’t hold much water, especially if the cup is full of ice. Contigo also makes a water bottle but sadly, it’s not insulated. They’re okay but when filled with ice, they sweat a ton and the ice doesn’t even last very long.

But the other day something happened. I was surfing the SkratchLabs website and I spotted it. The Skratch Labs Insulated Polar Bottle. I was already placing an order for drink mix so why not try out one of these bottles too, right? After all, it sounded pretty good!

  • Lightweight, flexible, insulated vacuum bottle
  • 20 ounce bottle
  • Removable valve for washing
  • Convenient neck handle
  • Cool Skratch pixelated branding

It arrived the other day and it’s pretty much become an appendage. Wherever I am, my trusty Skratch Labs bottle is too. I am in so very much in love with it.

I knew that a plastic bottle could never keep water as cold as my beloved aluminum Contigo mug but a mug just isn’t practical when you’re drinking as much water as I do in a day. I was super happy because I noticed right away that the Skratch water bottle kept my water so nice and cold. Much colder than any other bottle I’ve used. Awesome.

Being the nerd that I am, I decided to set up a little experiment to see if I could quantify just how much better the Skratch bottle is than my others. And here it is…

The Great Skratch Labs Insulated
Water Bottle Experiment

Aim: To see if the Skratch Labs Insulated Polar Bottle keeps water colder than a conventional water bottle.

Hypothesis: The Skratch Labs bottle will keep water noticeably colder.


  • 1 Skratch Labs Insulated Polar Bottle
  • 1 Contigo Spill Proof Water Bottle (the ‘conventional’ bottle)
  • 15 ice cubs per water bottle
  • Thermometer
  • Timer
Contigo water bottle on the left, Skratch Labs Insulated Polar
Bottle on the right


  1. Place 15 ice cubes in each water bottle
  2. Fill each bottle with 20 oz of cool tap water
  3. Place lids on each bottle
  4. Read temperature of water at regular intervals


  • Initial Temps: Contigo 8 deg C, Skratch 8 deg C
  • 30 Mins Elapsed: Contigo 8 deg C, Skratch 7 deg C
  • 60 Mins Elapsed: Contigo 10 deg C, Skratch 8 deg C
  • 90 Mins Elapsed: Contigo 14 deg C, Skratch 8 deg C
  • 120 Mins Elapsed: Contigo 18 deg C, Skratch 9 deg C


  • The water in the conventional water bottle started to warm up within the first hour
  • The Skratch Labs water bottle kept the water at almost the same temperature for two hours
  • The conventional bottle got ‘sweaty’ on the outside while the Skratch bottle stayed totally dry, no condensation


  • Perhaps not the most ‘scientific’ of experiments but it was kind of fun to relive those years of gruelling experiments during engineering school (oh man that sounded nerdy)
  • I only had a meat thermometer so I don’t know if the actual temperatures are accurate but it’s more the relative change in temperatures that matter anyway
  • I should have done one or two more readings but the experiment abruptly ended when my youngest son took off with ‘mommy’s pretty new water bottle’
  1. The Skratch Labs Insulated Polar Bottle keeps water colder for longer than a conventional water bottle.
  2. The Skratch Labs Insulated Polar Bottle does indeed keep water cold for approximately twice as long as a conventional bottle, as claimed on their website. Right on!
So there you have it! A pretty revealing look at just how nerdy I can get on the weekends! But seriously, if you like ice cold water, the Skratch Labs insulated bottle is a great choice. Ice cold water and no annoying condensation on the outside of the bottle!

Have you ever done anything nerdy like this or is it just me?


  1. Gary Jones    

    I don’t think this is nerdy at all. Great post!

    I tell people all the time that runners are like little scientist. We test things all the time. Hydration pack testing would be a good post but you would need a few of them to do a good post.

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Thanks Gary! Knew I could count on you to appreciate a post like this!

  2. Diana Martinez    

    Not nerdy at all! Very scientific and helpful. =)

  3. Elisa Schauer    

    LOVE this post! Thanks for taking the time to do some testing for yourself, and seeing that Polar Bottle water bottles really DO keep water twice as cold :)

    1. slowfastnik    

      Oh they definitely do! I guess I’m a bit of a water bottle nerd but I could tell that it really worked so I thought it would be fun to do a little experiment. I guess that’s just the engineer in me. Anyhow, thanks for such a great product!

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