Sunday morning I got run around and be a running model for a day. Fun, huh?

Recently, local running event West Van Run went in search of some runners who wanted to be “West Van Famous” and get photographed for their new posters and promotional materials. The first 10 runners to submit a photo would be entered into a voting contest. I had just left for holidays but thanks to Solana’s quick Twitter-fingers, she sent in a photo on my behalf and I was one of the lucky 10.

Submit pic of me dressed as Elvis? Sure, why not!

Voting lasted for a couple of days and while we were allowed to vote for ourselves, I just didn’t feel right about voting for myself more than a handful of times. In fact, I think those of us who knew each other evened the vote out pretty good since I think we all voted for each other more than ourselves!
In the end, we were invited to a photo shoot with local photographer Jennifer Strang. Unfortunately, it took a little while to find a date that suited the whole group and the weather really took a turn for the worst in the time it took us all to schedule the shoot. We went from typical cool December temperatures to well below zero, freezing temps and snow in the forecast! We were told to wear what we’d normally wear for a run but a forecast of about -9 degrees with windchill made it tough to pick anything but my warmest gear.

Practicing my smile, too bad my finger got in the way!

When I arrived at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, it turned out that people were wearing a little bit of everything from full winter gear to shorts and a singlet! Yes, really.

See? A little bit of everything in terms of clothing!

The good thing was that we could take a few layers off for each setup and then bundle back up again during the breaks. And don’t worry, we did our best to keep poor Jin warm between shots!

Photo courtesy of West Van Run

The photos were being taken for all new promotional materials for the West Van Run and so they had us running along the beach path as singles and in a group. Some we were supposed to look at the camera and for others we were supposed to just run on by. I have no modelling experience so it felt a bit funny being photographed at first but everyone was having fun with it.

This sneak peek with the beautiful Lions Gate Bridge in the
background is courtesy of Jen Strang Photography

After doing some serious but what will be pretty awesome shots along the dyke with more of the Lions Gate Bridge in the background, we also got to let loose and do some funny shots.

Another one courtesy of Jen Strange Photography

We were so lucky to have such a beautiful morning and despite the cold, the sky and light was perfect I think. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with the shots and I think the kind folks at West Van Run will end up with some great pictures they can use on their materials. They’re pretty lucky to be located in such a beautiful city because West Van certainly gave us some scenic backgrounds to shoot in front of.

A big thank you to West Van Run for opening up this opportunity to us runners. It was such a fun morning and I hope we did you proud out there. And of course, a big thank you goes to the talented Jennifer Strang who bundled herself up to take pictures of us running fools. She was so sweet, she even took her own coat off so that poor Jin could wear it and warm up in those short shorts of his!

One last group selfie at the end of the shoot!
And if once you see our beautiful faces on the West Van Run ads you want to join us and do the West Van Run next year, registration is open here. Held on March 2, 2014, the event is a fun 1k, 5k or 10k with a retro theme – wear your best 60’s, 70’s or 80’s gear and see you there!

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  1. FineFettle (Michelle C.)    

    Very cool! I love the Elvis pic and those are some gorgeous professional shots. That must have been fun!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Ha ha, thanks! The Elvis goes down as one of my fave running costumes for sure! And it was definitely fun to do these photos. So great to be able to help rep a fun, local event!

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