A few days ago I wrote a post called New Month, New Goals. You know, it was the one where I said I was going to streak (you can read about how that’s going in yesterday’s post). Of bigger note, it was the post where I proclaimed that I was going to try and run a sub-2 hour half marathon in February. Oh and for good measure I also proclaimed to the Internet that I wanted to try and run a 4:30 marathon in that same crazy post.
2hr half marathons and 4:30 marathons might be the stuff of your everyday but it sure isn’t for me. In fact, the whole 2hr half has kind of always been my ultimate running goal, from way back before I even thought I’d ever run a full marathon. I never did get there but was awfully close last year.
In thinking ahead to running in 2014, I decided that I wanted this year to be about quality, not quantity. The last couple years have been chock full of events (probably due to that FOMO I’ve been suffering from) but 2014 should be different. I’d like to focus on getting better. I want to get fitter and stronger (and with fewer minor injuries) but part of it also means hopefully getting a bit faster.
I feel like I was pretty slow for the second half of this year so I have my work cut out for me! And that’s where good ol’ Solana comes in. She’s always at the ready to lay out a tortuous deathwish training plan to help out a friend in need. They don’t call her the Beast for nothing!
Here’s the Beast photo bombing at First Half 2013…
Anyhow, she’s given me a plan that hopefully if followed will get me through the Vancouver First Half in under two hours and across that LA Marathon finish line at or near 4:30. Yikes!
So what’s different about the Beast Training Plan versus the training plan I usually follow? The most obvious thing is way more speed training and hill training right from the start of the 18 weeks, including her favourite, Yasso 800’s. And when it comes to the weekend long runs, there are specified intervals at race pace. I think I can do it but it’s definitely more ambitious than what I’m used to.
In addition to the hill training, speed work, track Yasso’s and long runs, I gotta start doing regular strength training. I’m tired of these little muscle strains getting in the way every now and then.
My first long run of the plan is 12km this weekend, which will likely happen a couple days late instead since we were on a plane for most of the Sunday. I’m not sure about the hill training until I have a chance to check out the lay of the land near our hotel. Last time we had a great hill right outside our door but this time I don’t know. Either way, I’ll be sure to get my training done like a good little beast-in-training.
Do shiny new goals make you nervous? Do you get nervous or excited when starting a new training plan?

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  1. Suz and Allan    

    Your 2014 plan sounds like a great idea to me Nikki. Quality over quantity is on tap for me next year too.

    1. Nikki Scott    

      I’ve always just gotten so excited to do every race I can, I think I’ve probably spent too much time on racking up mileage instead of getting good and strong! We will conquer 2014 that way together!

  2. Lisa Whelton    

    I need to make a 2014 plan now that I’m back at it in full force :) Hmmmm, gotta think about that. Have fun in Hawaii!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Thanks Lisa! Yeah, I was curious what your plans were for this year – I hope to see you at some races!

  3. Deb    

    I am really looking forward to following your plan! New goals definitely make me nervous, but excited too. I guess it’s not an “or” answer for me. :)

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Oh I’m totally nervous. I always make fun of myself and think, “What the heck do you think you’re doing trying to do THAT?” Ha ha.

  4. FineFettle (Michelle C.)    

    Your plan sounds good to me! I was thinking less is more and quality over quantity (fewer races) for 2014 as well. Good luck. Vancouver & LA RnR should be great!

  5. Solana    

    We’ll still have tons of fun running races just for fun! We both know we have registration problems, but, that’s what makes us so awesome! Here’s to 2014 being a VERY FAST year for you!


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