Sigh, the time has come: our vacation is over. I wrote this post on the plane while I was headed back to Vancouver, trying to take advantage of the 5hrs of captive time while I was stuck on the plane.

I’m sad to be headed back to the cold weather everyone back home has been warning me of but I can’t be too sad because I just spent a pretty fantastic two weeks in Maui. We’ve been to Hawaii a couple times before but oh what a difference a couple years can make in terms of how ‘easy’ the boys are to travel with. They had their moments but on the whole were pretty good this trip. Phew!
My littlest Hawaiian boy…
My plan was to rest for a few days and then to streak for the rest of my time away. As I posted before however, that didn’t quite happen. That strange 24hr flu knocked me out for a couple more days and when I came out on the other side my mojo was seriously lacking. Hence, my monthly mileage is too. Yikes.
This was supposed to be a high mileage month but methinks it will actually be one of my lowest lately. I blame it on ‘Maui time’.
Or maybe I should blame it on too much
of this: soaking up the sun!
So while I didn’t rack up a ton of kms, the runs I did do were pretty nice. If only I had those beautiful sunsets and mesmerizing beaches to run beside every day – I’d have the strongest mojo out there!
Here are a few pics from my adventures afoot…
The rest of our time was spent hanging out as a family. We saw a few sights but spent most of our time digging at the beach and playing in the pool. These things were easier too since the boys are a couple years older and no longer afraid of the waves or of walking on the sand (true story).
Compared to past family vacations this one was a breeze and I can imagine it will only get easier and even more fun as the boys get older (and are able carry some of their own luggage!)
See? Don’t we look like we’re having fun?
(At the Banyan Tree in Lahaina Town)
Maui definitely stole a bit more of my heart on this trip as I’ve got notions in my head of listening to reggae forevermore and of decorating the new house in ‘island style’. That’s not all Maui stole from me, I am returning to Vancouver with two toenails fewer than I left with. Old damage that finally got the best of these two toes I guess. At least they were laid to rest in a beautiful place! Ha ha.
Thank goodness the sand is covering my
ugly toes!
So yes, we had a fantastic trip.  In my head I’m already planning our next visit complete with macadamia nut pancakes and copious amounts of fresh pineapple.
Until then, I will be busy unpacking and settling into our new place and of course, getting serious about training. I’ve got some exciting races ahead and I’m woefully far from where I need to be fitness and pace-wise! I may have left my heart in Maui but I’m definitely bringing back a few extra pounds which may or may not be attached to my derriere and waistline!
I blame all the fresh pineapple but it may
have been the hula pie…
Have you ever been to Maui? Did it steal a piece of your heart too?



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  1. Lisa Whelton    

    Never been to Hawaii but it’s on our bucket list. You give me hope that one day we’ll be able to travel to more exciting places than Prince George with our kids ;)

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Well Prince George is pretty special (I was born there!) but Maui’s a bit more scenic! It’s a lovely place for kids…

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