My apologies for getting this post up late, I’m blaming it on ‘island time’. I’m busy packing up all of our treasures to fly home to Vancouver tomorrow and getting this winner’s name out is the perfect reason to take a little break. Packing at the end of vacation is so sad…

But winning a cool giveaway like this one is not!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog to check it out, all those who entered and to everyone for all of their tweets to help get the word out. It’s always fun hosting a giveaway, especially when it’s one that just kind of falls into your lap like this one did.

So without further ado, the big winner is:

Congratulations to Cathy who ended up winning herself a brand spankin’ new Handful bra by following @handfulbra on Twitter! Not sure which Cathy I’m referring to? Well since I don’t want to publish any identifying info about my lucky winner, I will be contacting her directly so if your name is Cathy, go check your email now!

I also want to extend another huge thank you to the generous people at Handful who allowed me to turn this little shipping mixup into an opportunity to spread the good word of Handful bras and give someone else the chance to try out this amazing bra. Handful has really created a flattering bra for us smaller busted ladies and I am so thankful I took the plunge myself and tried them out. I am super excited for Cathy to get her bra and try it herself!

So now that all the fun stuff has been taken care of, it’s back to the suitcase packing for me! It’s been a great two weeks here in Maui and I am really feeling sad that I have to leave it all behind and head to the airport tomorrow. Despite that, I am looking forward to getting back to routine again. With life, school, running and training, it’s always good to start again refreshed after vacation, don’t you think?

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