This is going to be fun little post because it’s one I didn’t anticipate ever getting to write. Sometimes happy accidents happen and this post is a result of just such a thing.
The other day I ordered a new Handful bra and after placing my order, decided to add a second one to the order. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my bras and what do you know, when I opened the package there were three awesome bras inside – an extra one was accidentally sent out!
My eyes lit up when I saw the extra Getting’ Lucky Green bra in that package, I guess they were right about the name because I really did get lucky! Alas, I wasn’t charged for the extra bra so I couldn’t keep it but the lovely people at Handful agreed to let me give it away instead!
Yes I’m posting a pic of me in a sports bra – don’t tell my mom! 

If it were just any bra, I likely would have happily sent it back to the company. But this wasn’t just any bra. Oh no, this is a genuine Handful bra and I love mine so much I wanted to share! If you haven’t tried one yet you might be wondering what the big deal is. And if you’re challenged like me in the cleavage department, you’re definitely going to want to know all about Handful.
Pre-Handful bra: I love this pic from Run for Water,
but seriously, where ‘dem boobs at?

When you are a runner there are definitely advantages to being ahem, smaller in the chest. But, nobodyenjoys looking flat as a board when you put on a sports bra. I have found very few exercise bras that do anything but completely flatten what little topography exists in the region. That is, UNTIL I tried a Handful bra.
Post-Handful bra: Look! I have a chest!
“Holy cow! Where did those boobies come from?” said my husband when I wore it for the first time.
Considering their motto is “Flatter, not flatten” his reaction really shouldn’t have been a surprise to me. Even my sister noted I was looking a little heftier up top. And the best part is, while perfectly padded, I never feel like I’ve stuffed my bra. I loved my first Handful bra so much I found myself saving it for everyday wear so I needed to get another so I could look fabulously feminine pounding the pavement too!
Okay okay so it doesn’t make me look like Pamela
Anderson but I love not looking flat anymore!
So ladies, here’s your chance to give the Handful bra a try! Now, since I physically have a specific bra to giveaway, please note that this giveaway is for a size Medium, Gettin’ Lucky Green bra and a size Medium, Gettin’ Lucky Green bra only. Please enter only if you are interested in this specific bra, otherwise you can order any colour or size here
I’m also going to make this one easy for you. To enter, all you HAVE to do is leave a comment before the giveaway closes at 12:00 am on Friday, November 22, 2013. However, if you want to earn additional entries, please feel free to complete any or all of the other items in the Rafflecopter too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to both US and Canada but please note that I won’t be able to ship it out until after November 24 when I return from vacation.
A final big thank you to the people at Handful who have allowed me to give this bra away instead of sending it back. You should seriously check out this amazing company and the work they are doing to help women feel their best.

Please also note that I haven’t been compensated in any way for this post, all opinions about the product are solely my own. This giveaway is purely the result of a happy accident and finding myself in receipt of an extra bra. The lovely people at Handful graciously agreed to let me give it away to one lucky reader.
Good luck!

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  1. Charly    

    Ooh, BOOBIES! :) Love that green!

  2. Cori @ Read.Write.Run.Mom    

    Hmm..I could totally use some boobies of my own…sounds like just what I need 😉

    1. Nikki Scott    

      This comment definitely makes me smile!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Me too! Totally my fave colour this year!

  3. Solana    

    I’m entering for my bestest friend Cathy :)

  4. Jennifer Mullaly    

    thanks for the chance to win! love the green :)

  5. cathy    

    SO awesome!! Great colour. :)

  6. Tamara    

    Love, love, love my Handful! And I’d love one in green too, to keep the other colours company! Thanks for sharing Nikki!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      I think I need a few more to keep my grey and green company!

  7. JenC    

    Would love to try out this new bra for running!!

  8. kirkyblogs    

    I’m always looking for new styles of sports bras that work for me! Plus I love the colour!

  9. Adrienne    

    I want to try one so bad, but the price is hefty.

  10. Diana Martinez    

    LOVE that color! And, hey, it just so happens to be my size! So feel free to send it my way. =) I’ve never heard of these bras before, I guess I’d better go check ’em out, inn case I don’t win your giveaway. (But I’m going to win, right? LOL)

  11. Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby.    

    I’m a medium and I always appreciate another sports bra 😀

  12. Kristen M.    

    I’m feeling a lot of pressure here to make you smile. :) Like others, I am in love with this color. “When” I win, I let out a few extra cheers in your honor while out on my inaugural handful bra run.

  13. Melissa Nemeth    

    What an amazing colour green! :) Could always use a new sports bra!

  14. tweetyscute    

    I love a spark of color in myy bras

  15. Trenda Tillson    

    Love love love the color! Could use a new sports bra!

  16. Unknown    

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Eliza Klinger    

    Wow, how lucky are you! I could use this because my bust need some umph, and I mean umph :)

  18. Yvonne Gatson    

    GREEN is my favorite color and I’d <3 to be the LUCKY winner!
    That would make me one HAPPY girl :)

  19. Lindsay Malone    

    Woo hoo! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I have been hearing more and more press about those bra’s and my nonprofit salary has been keeping me at bay. Thanks for doing this!

  20. Mahdi Martin    

    I might bust out of this size medium, but on the other hand it looks quite roomy. The color is “udderly” fantastic!

  21. Paulette    

    I love the green color and I also love how the bras flatter! Looking good!

  22. Elle    

    This is my brand and my size, but it would be totally greedy of me to enter cause I have one already… this just speaks to what a nice person you are, not to keep it for yourself, and to Handful as a company, allowing you TO keep it and give it away. Love it and you are so generous! Great review, too. Handful is the ONLY bra I ever wear anymore.

  23. Olivia Cusimano    

    I’m pea green (get it?!) with envy over how cute that bra is!

  24. Allison    

    Could certainly use a little help there too!

  25. Emily    

    Definitely need this haha! I need the best sports bra I can get!

  26. Anne P    

    I’ll take all the help I can get in that area. :) And I LOVE the color!

  27. Cathy O    

    I’d love to win this…love the colour

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