I bet you’ve all been waiting in suspense for how my unicorn costume turned out, right? Well, after my horrible dress rehearsal and then having to completely change what I was planning to wear, I wasn’t exactly sure how this bag full of rainbows would turn out in the end…

I had plans to get to West Vancouver early so that I could help Solana set up the event and thankfully traffic was a breeze and I got there shortly after 5:00. There were lots of fun decorations to hang up and we also needed to set up all the tables for registration and the post-race snacks and refreshments. There were lots of hands on deck so it all came together quickly…

These jack-o-lantern milk cartons were put out
along the trail

There were lots of great sponsors for this event including Salomon West Van who offered their store for the event (and even offered runners a special discount!), Cariboo Brewing who donated all kinds of bevvies and Bremners Foods who donated delicious warm blueberry pie and even offered water for all runners to have before and take with them during the run.

After everything was set up we headed off to get into costume and I was pleased when I finally took a look in the mirror to behold my full unicorn-ness. I tried to do my best “prancing” pose for this pic…

But after being told that I looked nothing like prancing I gave up and headed into the store to rest before the big run!

You don’t like the way I prance?

And was quickly joined by my lovely eggy friend from our Langley Running Room…

As you can see, the evening was all about having fun and being goofy. As the group started to assemble I just loved seeing how creative everyone had been with their costumes. People were dressed up as everything from soup to nuts! Ninja turtles, a fried egg, a Pumpkin Princess and Road Kill…


Wenches, Little Red Riding Hood and Twister…

Another pretty rainbow tutu and of course, all men had to come in drag…

We were quite the motley group of runners but everyone was happy and spirits were high. It was so nice to see everyone so excited for this first event. Once everyone was there, Solana gave us a quick trail briefing before we headed out:

And one final group picture taken by the talented Rob Shaer who does all of the 5Peaks official photography. We were so lucky to have him there capturing this event!

Official 5Peaks photos by the amazing Rob Shaer

After this group shot we were off! Solana and her crew had mapped out an 8k lollipop route in the trails around Park Royal. Rob captured this cool shot of the group leaving the store…

Once we hit the trails it was sure dark out there. Everyone was required to have a headlamp but sadly, I couldn’t find my favourite Energizer light and the one I brought with me was not great.   Cool cap light but the battery wasn’t connecting properly and I could only get it to flash. And without a solid light I was having lots of trouble seeing where I was stepping. I was taking it super slow and not quite “running” since I was feeling unsteady in the dark.

Everyone seemed to have good lights though, check out these cool shots Rob captured on the trail!

If you look closely you can see Mariah, Dianna & I cheering!

Everyone was hooting and hollering and laughing as they ran through the bushes, a seemingly good time had by all. And, I even managed to get back to the store without tripping or falling! Note to self: find my good headlight!

Back at the store Solana had arranged for all kinds of goodies including fresh baked cookies (thanks Candice!), Bremner’s warm blueberry pie and water, apple cider, hot chocolate, Cariboo sodas, goodie bags for each runner and draw prizes too.

Hanging out with Dianna after the run

There was also one final detail that needed to be taken care of – the prize for best costume! It was decided that the crowd would determine their favourite guy in drag. I was pretty impressed by all of their loveliness and good naturedness to even dress up as ladies in the first place! The winner was crowned the Queen of the Trails…

I think it is so great that 5Peaks is interested in hosting these kinds of events for the trail running community because they not only encourage new trail runners to get involved but also give experienced trail runners an event to let loose and have fun at. All of the feedback I heard on Friday night was really positive and I think the smiles on everyone’s faces were a true testament to the success of the event.

Overall, the first ever 5Peaks Ladies of the Trails Glow in the Dark trail run was a huge success! Solana and her team of friends put in countless hours of work dreaming up ideas and putting it all into place. She is clearly a very loved and supported person because the group of friends and family who rallied together to help put on this event was outstanding. A huge thank you goes out to 5Peaks, all of the sponsors, Rob Shaer for his beautiful photographs and of course, the Beast herself for dreaming up such a fun event.

Sorry it’s so grainy! Darn nighttime selfie!

It all came together so wonderfully and I’ve already heard whisperings about ideas for upcoming events too! I can’t wait to see what they cook up for the next one!

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  1. Runner Leana    

    Love how your costume turned out! The rainbow leg warmers are awesome. It sounds like such a fun event. Makes me wish I lived closer!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Oh c’mon, Calgary is just a hop, skip and a jump away! Ha ha. Actually you’d probably rather be here today – bright and sunny!

  2. Leigh    

    Love how your costume turned out and it looks like so much fun! Way to go Solana!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      thanks! I’m pretty happy with it too! It was a great event, Solana did a fantastic job organizing it!

  3. Krista @ Read. Bake. Run. Repeat.    

    Sad I had to sit this one out, looked like a lot of fun!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      It was super fun Krista. Don’t fret, start dusting off your ugly Christmas sweater for the next one!

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