It’s been almost 8 months and we are finally in the home stretch of building our house. It’s a flurry of workers at the house with everyone busy doing the final finishings and the movers are booked for next Tuesday. Yikes!

That means that my one and only priority at this point is packing. Well, packing and Halloween costumes. In between sorting all my worldly possessions and cramming them into cartons I had to make time to put together the boys’ Halloween costumes. When my youngest told me he wanted to be a “strawberry man” I was a bit worried so I told him ‘no’ and he came up with a blackbird instead. Okay sure, one blackbird costume coming right up! At least when my oldest asked to be a skeleton I knew what it was!

You may have seen these pics on IG but in the end, the costumes turned out great and my little skeleton and blackbird where very happy…

Now, back to all that packing. Oh yes, how I hate love packing. Those corrugated brown beauties are popping up everywhere and taking over my house!

These boxes are seriously everywhere!

It’s a big job and I think I’m doing okay with it. I have 6 more days to get everything packed up and I think that’s reasonable. It’s just that between all the packing and the other fun stuff that goes along with moving like setting up phone service, having new furniture delivered and selling things we no longer need, I am left with very little time right now for much else.

Most of our meals this past week have come from the freezer, my mom, or gasp (!) the drive thru (don’t worry, I’m hiding my head in shame as I type this) and the last time I ran was last Friday night at the 5Peaks Glow Run. And judging from the picture below it may or may not have been a serious workout, I’ll let you decide.

I went into this week with little to no expectations of getting any runs in. I wanted to be that uber-organized moving-mom who naturally scheduled in time to run amongst orchestrating a house move and tending the children all with a smile on my face. Sadly, I’m feeling the time crunch therefore this has become a quiet week for me running-wise.

Did you see the awesome brand-spanking new Mizuno Wave Rider 17’s that came yesterday?

From Instagram

Yeah, well those beauties are sadly going to have to wait a few days until I can get more of this packing out of the way. I’m planning to sneak away for a long run this Sunday though. My sanity and my waist line definitely need it!

So yes, it’s a quiet week in running but such a crazy busy week in every other way. Will you all please tell me about the awesome, hardcore, sweaty things you’re up to this week and send post-run chocolate milk selfies so that I can get fit vicariously and moo along with you? Thanks.

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  1. Nicole @ Haute Runner    

    Don’t envy your packing!

    You did such a great job on the costumes for the boys, and your unicorn one! Did you sew the all the parts together? Super impressive!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Nope, nobody should envy someone who is packing house! Ha ha. The unicorn was actually made from a kids costume that I took apart. The skeleton was just white felt bones glued onto a black jogging suit and the blackbird’s wings were cut out of felt and sewed to the neck and shoulders of a black hoodie. I used glue to attach the wings to the sleeves of the hoodie though because it was too hard to sew with a machine down the sleeves…

  2. Cori @ Read.Write.Run.Mom    

    The costumes are adorable…er, I mean TERRIFYING! Especially the blackbird. He better not be the type that swoops runners!

    I wish you well on your move. As much as I want to get out of Langdon, remembering how much crap we own makes me want to sell everything first…

    and no shame on the drive thru eating…a week before the move and with halloween in that week…my family would have been eating takeout on paper plates for about a month at that point…

  3. Jenny    

    I love 5 peak races!
    I wish they would have done something similar here in Edmonton!
    We have the 5peak Night Race out here during May while its still wet and muddy! But no one dresses up =(

  4. Elle    

    I am one of those rare people who actually like to move! Love your new header, and the costumes are all so lovely!

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