Okay so I spent all that time yesterday pulling everything together to make this supposed unicorn costume, right? In my head, I was going to look like a perfect white unicorn, all hearts, sparkles and magic. Kind of like my lucky unicorn pin from Cori…

But when I tried it all on for a dress rehearsal, sadly, I looked like this:

I can’t believe I’m even posting this
horrible picture!

There’s no magic there at all! Ha ha, not quite the look I was going for!

Back to the drawing board.

My white top is too baggy and those white striped pants don’t look nearly white enough. I started rifling through my drawers of running clothes to see what else might work. I thought trying to wear white would look the best but maybe I had to take a different approach.

I decided to try a pair of black run tights and a dark pink running top…


It’s not quite the pretty white unicorn I’ve always had in my head but given all the bright colours in my leg warmers and tutu, I think this looks much better. Do I look like a unicorn? Well maybe not exactly but I’m hoping the unicorn head and horn on my hat will help give people the right idea!

Since I’m going to be wearing this pink top now and I don’t really want to sew stuff directly to it, I needed to find a new way to attach my unicorn wings. I could just use safety pins but I was worried that the weight of the wings would pull my shirt out of place funny. I could use pieces of elastic around my shoulders but the only sewing elastic I have is white and I didn’t want to see white elastics against my hot pink shirt.

Hmm, what to do, what to do? And then it came to me…

I have two pink SparklySoul headbands and they happen to be just the right size to go over my shoulders. A simple safety pin to attach each headband to the wings, pop them over my shoulders and voila! Who knew?

There’s nothing these headbands can’t do!

Anyhow, I’m glad I decided to try everything on last night because I would have felt pretty stupid in that original getup. I guess that’s the way things go with making your own costumes – sometimes they turn out and sometimes, not so much. Luckily changing the clothes under my tutu was an easy fix. Phew!

So the big event is tonight and I’ve really been enjoying watching everyone’s chatter about their costumes on FB and Twitter. It sounds like this event is going to be a big success and I’m really looking forward to it. Sounds like there’s even a fun Christmas event in the works for later this year so I guess I’ll need to start thinking of more costume ideas!

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  1. Cori @ Read.Write.Run.Mom    

    Yeah – it’s much improved. I think people will still get it. If not – headbutt them with your horn! Then you can be the SLAYER UNICORN!!!!!!

    BAHAHAHAHA! I so went there!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Awesome, slayer unicorn! If not a unicorn maybe they’ll think I’m Rainbow Brite! (Do people even know who that is anymore?)

  2. Nicole @ Haute Runner    

    LOVE it!!! The 2nd option is much better. You are so creative and resourceful. Do you make your own tutus or buy them?

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Ah thank you! I think it looks much more coordinated and even though not white like a “real” unicorn, looks better. I’ve never actually made a tutu although I hear they’re pretty easy. This one is from Target.

  3. FineFettle (Michelle C.)    

    Love the revised magic! Have fun!!!

  4. Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby.    

    Love it!!!

    I kinda want to see you run in the costume and yell “its so fluffy!!!!”

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Ha ha. That would have been so awesome!

  5. Femi de France    

    It was the most colourful and magical unicorn costume I had seen. Loved it!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Thanks Karen! I felt like a fool but strangely, that’s a good thing!

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