I wouldn’t be a good little blogger if I didn’t write a post somehow connected to the ‘holiday’ that is upon us today…Halloween! I’ve always enjoyed this fun day but let’s face it, running and Halloween don’t really have much in common. In fact, a day that involves so much candy is really quite contrary to what running is all about!

However, the one thing they do share is COSTUMES! It seems in the past couple years that I’ve been doing quite a bit of running in costume. And even though not my speediest attire, every time I don a silly outfit, I always have a great time.

So in honour of Halloween I am going to do a rundown of my Top 5 Favourite Running Costumes! 

5. Donald Duck

Date: Aug 30, 2013
Comfort Level: Not bad, the felt collar and hat were pretty warm!
Suitable for: short-moderate distance
To create this costume:
  • White running skirt (I already had a white Lululemon Pacesetter skirt)
  • Navy blue tank top (purchased an inexpensive cotton one from Old Navy)
  • Sailor collar & bow, made out of felt and stitched to tank top
  • Yellow knee socks (purchased online from Amazon.com)
  • Sailor hat, made out of felt and pinned to a running cap
4. Unicorn
Date: Oct 25, 2013
Comfort Level: Nice and warm!
Suitable for: short-moderate distance, possibly longer
To create this costume:
  • Black running tights and pink long sleeve running top
  • Rainbow leg warmers (purchased online)
  • Rainbow light-up tutu (I already had this, originally from Target but also available here)
  • Unicorn hat was made using the hood from a child’s unicorn costume (you could easily make a simple horn and attach it to a running hat though)
From my friend Marijke’s Instagram

3. Minnie Mouse

Race: WDW Family 5k Fun Run
Date: Jan 11, 2013
Comfort Level: Very comfy!
Suitable for: Any distance

To create this costume:

  • Black tights, black tank top
  • Minnie Mouse ears & fingerless gloves (purchased from Target online)
  • Red tutu with lights (purchased online from a costume store)
  • We used white stickers for the polka dots and sewed red bows for our shoes
The always lovely Cori and I
2. Bunch of Grapes
Date: Sept 22, 2013
Comfort Level: Not very, awkward arm position and kind of squeaky
Suitable for: short distance
To create this costume:
  • Black running capris and long sleeve (it was chilly & rainy that day)
  • Purple tank top (I already had one from Old Navy)
  • 20 purple balloons, blown up & safety pinned to my top
  • Stem was made of brown pipecleaners & taped to a running cap
  • Grape leaves cut out of green felt & pinned to hat and top
  • Silver Sparkle Athletic skirt for fun (I already had this)
1. Elvis
Date: Dec 2, 2012
Comfort Level: Very comfy
Suitable for: short-moderate distances (even longer if you used a technical tank, no chafing)
To create this costume:
  • White running skirt (I already had a white Lululemon Pacesetter skirt)
  • White tank top (purchased an inexpensive cotton one from Old Navy)
  • Studded eagle iron-on (purchased online from a t-shirt store, on clearance)
  • Gold cape, made out of gold sparkly fabric and stitched to tank top
  • Elvis glasses and red scarf (purchased at the dollar store)
  • Belt was made by stitching sequin trim to my water belt
For some reason, the Elvis is by far my favourite one. I always chuckle when I see the pictures. Someday I’d love to go do a really crazy costume run and blow all of these easier ones out of the water! 
What’s the craziest running costume you’ve ever seen?

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  1. Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby.    

    Your costumes are great!!

    The Elvis one just cracks me up!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Ha ha, me too. I just can’t help but laugh at myself in that one. (You should see the pics of me in my “elvis pose”)

  2. Runner Leana    

    Love your costumes! You’ve been so creative Nikki. The Elvis one is really fun but I think your unicorn costume is my favourite!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Thanks Leana! That one was fun to wear!

  3. Krista @ Read. Bake. Run. Repeat.    

    Elvis is my favorite too! Do you still have the fingerless gloves for Minnie?

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Sure do! They might be packed though…

  4. Suz and Allan    

    Those are some great costumes! The Elvis one is my favorite of all those too.

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Well thank you, thank you very much!

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