If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this tweet last night…

I’m not usually a #unicornslayer (thanks Cori for coining that term!) but sadly, last night I just had to be. And that’s because I was busy working on my latest running costume creation!

This Friday night, Solana is hosting the Glow in the Dark 8k Trail Fun Run in conjunction with 5Peaks, Salomon West Vancouver and the Ladies of the Trails run series. It’s a trail run in the dark and since it’s a Halloween run, costumes are definitely a must. I had my snazzy light-up rainbow tutu and figured it would be perfect for just such a run.

But what on earth kind of costume needs a light-up rainbow tutu? A unicorn, of course! I decided to piece together the costume myself and as of the other night, here’s how it looked (i.e. not finished!)

Finished? Try not even started!

I worked hard last night though and here’s how it’s all coming together now…

The Unicorn Hat

I was planning to make my own unicorn horn but then Solana had the idea of modifying an existing kids costume she found while popping tags at a local thrift shop.

To get started, I had to make like a unicornslayer and start taking the costume apart. I used a little stitch-ripper to remove the hood from the body of the costume. I also opened up the seams to remove the wings and tail so that I had all the good pieces separated.

All the pieces came apart really easily

Since the existing hood actually fit my head pretty good, I decided to use it pretty much as-is but with a few modifications. First of all, I stitched the layers of fabric along the bottom of the hood back together again so it had a nice finished edge.

I also braided up some rainbow hair extensions I bought and stitched those onto the hood like the braids you see on a lot of hats these days. And I took the tail and sewed it to the hood so that I had a bigger unicorn tail on my head. (This all sounds so ridiculous as I type it…)

I’m planning to attach this whole thing to a white running hat so that I know it will fit comfortably onto my head. The unicorn head came together so easily thanks to that kids costume. Way better than if I had to make the whole thing from scratch and what’s even better is that the kids costume only cost $4.99! Here’s the finished product…

The Unicorn Body

My outfit for this costume is made up of a few different things:

  • The rainbow tutu with flashing lights, of course!
  • A white, winter running top to which I plan to attach those unicorn wings (and probably something sparkly on the front too) and my whitest pair of running pants which happen to be this white/navy striped number from Lululemon (if they don’t look right I’ll just wear some white tights).
  • And I simply couldn’t resist buying these fluffy, rainbow fur leg warmers. The rainbow knee socks were my back up if the leg warmers didn’t ship in time.
These are going to be so fun to wear…
I haven’t tried the whole get-up on at once but I’m hoping that with my awesome unicorn-head hat it will all come together in one big fluffy, furry, sprakly, rainbow-y mess. I might actually look like a unicorn but there’s also the possibility I might end up looking like a rainbow-obsessed raver in a pair of trail shoes. (Let’s hope it’s the unicorn…)

Have you ever run a race in costume yet? Or dare I ask it, you ever dressed up as a unicorn before?

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  1. Leigh    

    Haha this looks hilarious! Can’t wait to see the finished product :)

    1. Nikki Scott    

      That’s the problem! When I tried it all on it DID look hilarious! I’ve made some changes and it’s muuuuuuch better now! I’ll post lots of pics tonight!

  2. Nicole @ Haute Runner    

    I love the unicorn halloween costume!

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