Good morning. Up bright (dark) and early around here for Surrey Marathon this morning. Breakfast is done, bags are packed, just need to do a few last minute things before going to pick up a few friends and my sister for the big event!

I had all kinds of things planned for yesterday – a wicked blog post, signs, etc. etc. but my day got away from me. Le sigh. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got young kids, are building a house, have house guests and are trying to sell your own home. Yesterday was busy but at least I managed to get to bed at a decent time and I think I had a great sleep. Phew!

You might also be aware of the weather drama around here the past few days. Our forecast went from 18 and raining to barely 10 with both rainfall and wind warnings! Awesome.

Needless to say it’s probably going to be a very wet one out there! And I’m beginning to think I’m a marathoner of extremes. My first full in Florida was 25 degrees and 100% humidity (crazy hot!) and BMO Vancouver was only about 25 degrees but pretty darn warm for us at that time of year, felt killer during a marathon. And now Surrey, an extreme to the other end of the scale! Pouring rain and wind.

Oh well, I wouldn’t run marathons if I wasn’t tough enough to handle the weather that comes along with them.

So this is it! 4 months of training all coming down to today. If you’re running Surrey or any other race or training run today, have a great run! I’ll post again when I’ve got marathon #3 under my belt!

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  1. Diana Martinez    

    Also, holy crap. I didn’t realize you’d been in an accident – I just read your posts about it. I totally cried. I am so, so glad that you came out of it on the other side and are enjoying life. Amazing!!

  2. Elle    

    I hope it doesn’t pour rain all the way! Have a ball.

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