A little while back, a fellow runner at the store told us about a new local run – the Campbell Valley Wine Run. About 15km through Campbell Valley Park with stops along the way at 3 local wineries. A run with wine tasting? Count me in! 
I’ve always wanted to do one of the better known wine runs but they never really fit in. I was so excited I could do the Campbell Valley Wine Run and what’s even better, it was right in my own backyard. 
The run was to be about 14-15km which fit into the training schedule perfectly! We are one week away from Surrey Marathon and this was just the right distance for a taper run. (And a pretty fun way to taper if you ask me!)
Wine runs are notorious for their costumed runners so I decided I’d get in the spirit and run in costume too. A bit of research the day before and I had the perfect idea. A quick trip to the dollar store and I had the makings of the ideal costume…


The forecast had been calling for a rainy weekend but Saturday was beautiful. I was hoping the rain would hold off for Sunday too but no luck. It was pourin when I got up – good thing my costume was waterproof!
Needless to say, I felt a bit self conscious walking into the Equestrian Centre in that getup but after a few smiles and giggles from the other runners I was glad I dressed up. Other costumes included wine bottles, bumble bees, Richard Simmons, a Mayor (who was actually our Langley mayor) and my favourite, this guy dressed as a One Night Stand…


The crowd was small but everyone was in good spirits. We headed outside to the start area and were greeted with a pre-race glass of bubbly! I was loving this event already!


They started us off and away we went. Surprisingly, my balloons weren’t really that awkward to run in. At first I was holding my arms too far away from my body and that was uncomfortable. I figured out I could hold my arms in a more natural position between the balloons and it was much better. 
We quickly turned into the trails and the course was really pretty. Everyone was chatting and keeping an easy pace. I had no idea how far it was to the first winery so we ran along and enjoyed the peace of the quiet trails. Campbell Valley is a beautiful park to run in. 
We eventually left the trails and hit the road so I figured we were getting close to the winery. We walked up the last hill and found ourselves at the Township 7 vineyard. 


Just like any other wine tasting we headed into the tasting room and grabbed our glasses. A quick explanation from the staff and we took our first sip. Wonderful!


It was much nicer to see a table of empty wine glasses than a road littered with white cups! 
When we finished we headed back on down the road, unsure of how far we had to go before the next winery. We were still  taking it pretty easy since Krista and I are officially on taper for Surrey. We found a nice pace and carried on. 
We’d managed to stay totally dry until this point but sadly, it started to spit a little just before we arrive at the second vineyard. Domain de Chaberton is one of my favourite local wineries. 


I had a white at the first tasting so here I chose a rose and it was delicious! I was surprised at how nicely the wine was going down during a run. I had worried it wouldn’t agree with my tummy but I drank water as well and felt pretty good. 


From Domain de Chaberton was carried on but had gotten pretty cold. I think I was dressed well for the weather but I forgot to factor in the “chilling down” that would occur at each wine tasting. The rain was heavier and my fingers were getting kind of cold!
We finally arrived at the last winery and as we approached another runner told us these guys had scones! We put it into high gear and found ourselves at Vista D’Oro winery. 


And as promised, they had scones! And they were absolutely delicious! (I had two)


From Vista D’Oro we carried on down the road and back into the park again. We weren’t totally sure where we were but knew we were close to High Point, the beautiful community where the run started. We were steered back onto the trails for the last bit and we laughed because the wine was making our legs feel like lead. Surprisingly I wasn’t feeling tipsy at all just heavy, heavy legs. 


We made it to the end and ran across the finish to big cheers from the already finished runners. Like I said before, the energy in the crowd was great. Everyone was having fun. 
We were greeted with a finish line glass of wine courtesy of Backyard Vineyards and like the others, it was mighty fine. A great way to end a run! 


We headed inside to warm up and chat with other runners. Despite the wet and cold, everyone had such a fun time. There was a fantastic BBQ going on, a raffle, 50/50 draw and prizes for best costumes. (My buddy, the One Night Stand took the big prize)
The race was untimed which is a good thing because I think it took us over 2 hrs to run about 15k (tasting stops included). It was such a fun run and a perfect way to get in our last Sunday run before the big event next weekend, the Surrey Marathon. 
This was their first year and so the crowd was small but it was a wonderful event. I cant wait to see the event grow because it is definitely a must-do local race! It’s like our own little Medoc Marathon and like a local version of the Half Corked Half Marathon, both of which are much bigger and very well known wine runs (in France and Oliver, BC, respectively)
We are very lucky to have some amazing wineries here in Langley and the Fraser Valley and the Campbell Valley Wine Run was a truly fantastic way to celebrate them and have a little fun on a very wet, rainy Sunday!
Have you ever done a wine run before? Did you dress up?

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  1. Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas    

    So cool! Now I’m dying to run a wine run. Although, have to ask–the wine mid-run didn’t upset your stomach at all?

    1. Nikki Scott    

      I’d always wanted to do one too! The wine definitely felt a bit bubblier in my tummy during the run but we kept a super easy pace so it wasn’t a problem at all. I tried to drink lots of water too to dilute the wine and it was fine. The whole wine run things was definitely worth a bit of extra tummy swish!

  2. Diana Martinez    

    That sounds like an absolute blast!! Totally a run I would do. =) Love your costume, too, btw. Very creative. =)

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Thanks! It was definitely a fun costume but 15.5 km in it was more than enough!

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