Last week I posted here about how I was excited to be joining the great folks at as one of their Kindrunner Program Ambassadors.  Given all my recent experiences with Run for Water and seeing how as a runner I can use my sport to directly help others, the whole Kindrunner concept came along at the perfect time. went live on June 1st and if you think the program is as cool as I do, you may have already checked things out.  I know I did.  The team at Kindrunner has had a very busy weekend of testing the site and making sure all the product, reviews and info is set up and perfect for today being their official launch to the running community.

So now that it’s up and running what exactly makes Kindrunner different from any other running store or online retailer you may have used?  Aside from the fact that every purchase from Kindrunner gives you the opportunity to help protect the environment and assist those in need (an idea I just love), the Kindrunner team is doing everything they can to give us the most professional, informative and honest shopping experience possible.

Just have a look at some of the awesome features of the Kindrunner program:

  • Free 3-Way Shipping – let’s face it, shipping is costly but every purchase with Kindrunner offers free 3-way US domestic shipping.  That’s free shipping of your purchase to you, free shipping of your old shoes back to Kindrunner and free shipping on any returns.
  • Confident Runner Pricing – in an effort to pass along savings to the running community, Kindrunner also offers Confident Runner Pricing for those who know they won’t need to return their product.  This option allows you to decline the free shipping on returns and in exchange get a discount on your purchase.  Such a great idea.
  • Easy 365 Returns – speaking of returns, all products from Kindrunner are returnable for a full year after purchase provided they are in original condition and packaging.  
  • Kindness Cash Rewards – for every pair of running shoes purchased, Kindrunner will accept a pair of reasonably-worn old shoes and issue a $10 credit towards future purchases.  A return shipping label is included with your new shoes and all you have to do is pop your old ones in the shipping box and off they go.
  • Expert Product Reviews – the team at Kindrunner is made up of individuals who have worked in the running industry for a number of years either as shoe reps, store owners or expert shoe fitters with other long established running stores.  Their goal is to provide an expert product review for every product offered and they are conveniently linked in the description for each item.  For example, here’s their review of my favorite shoe, the Mizuno Wave Rider…

And one of my personal favorites, Free Socks for Life!
Yes, you read that right.  As a way to thank their earliest customers, Kindrunner is offering a free pair of socks with every future shoe purchase for their first 500 customers.  How awesome is that and you even get to pick which sock you’d like from their inventory.
And as I was learning more about Kindrunner this weekend, I was really surprised and pleased to see so many great features to their program.  These are things I have never seen before from any other shoe retailer and as a runner who remains fiercely loyal to products and brands that work well for me, I can see these kinds of features really appealing to the loyalties of the running community as well.
I also really liked this quote from Michael Conforti, Co-founder of

When a customer shops at Kindrunner, they will have not only an excellent ecommerce experience, but also an opportunity to contribute to making our planet a healthier, cleaner and kinder place! It’s amazing how far you can go with a little perseverance.

So what do you think…

Please note:  I will be working with Kindrunner as part of their Ambassador Program and in the coming months may be asked to do product reviews for them but as always, all thoughts and opinions will be my own.  

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  1. Zaneta    

    I absolutely love everything about Kindrunner! What an awesome idea! :)

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Yeah it’s a pretty neat concept, especially since we all have those old shoes laying around.

  2. Elle    

    Was wondering about how KindRunner will work for Canadians.. do you have any insight?

    1. Nikki Scott    

      I asked about that too and unfortunately right now they don’t ship to Canada but it is something they are working on bringing to the program. I myself, live right by the US border so I’ll be able to use the program by shipping/receiving my shoes to my US postal address.

  3. financialrunner    

    Neat idea! Needs more selection of shoes.

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Seems to me like they carry quite a few of the biggest brands, I would imagine their stock will continue to grow as they grow as a business…

  4. Amy M. Guimond    

    wish i could shop with them, but they dont seem to carry my shoes.

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Oh no! Just your model or your brand all together?

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