For almost every big race I’ve ever trained for I’ve pretty much followed my training plan to a “T”.  I put my faith in the plan, put my mind on autopilot and just chugged my way through training one run at a time.  It’s always worked in the past and I’ve just always felt comfortable that if I complete the plan I’ll complete the race.
I’ve always known that I did what I was supposed to do.  I knew that I did enough.

However, my training for the BMO marathon and the Run for Water ultra marathon has been a whole new experience for me.  I didn’t follow the original plan.  In fact, I scrapped it altogether and switched to a completely different one!  And not just that but one that was totally different from any way I have ever trained before!  I ran my little heart out in the past few months and now that it’s taper time and I’m sitting here wondering…

Did I do enough?

I followed the plan.  I watched my pace.  I rested lots.  I massaged and stretched and rolled my heart out.  I avoided holes in the road.  I ate the right things.  I medicated when necessary.  I paid meticulous attention to pre-, mid- and post-run fuelling.  I soaked in ice baths.  I soaked in hot epsom salts baths.  I wore my compression socks day and night.  I visited every physio, chiro and doctor who could help.  Most importantly, I tried to stay positive, work hard and not get discouraged.

But did I do enough?

Taper is usually kind of crazy but this time around I just feel kind of melancholy.  It’s pretty hard to not let time lost to an injury psych you out just a little bit when you’re only 5 days away from the race.  And this taper is different too because it’s still kind of part of my training – technically I’m still building my distance a bit and BMO on Sunday will be final long run before I start to taper for Run for Water.  So this is kind of an intermediate mini taper and it’s wigging me out!

Anyhow, I feel pretty good all things considered and actually had a fantastic weekend of back-to-back long runs.  I had some aches and pains here and there but for the most part I felt good and strong(er) and confident like I did during my Goofy training.  It was pretty rad actually.

I even ate this oh-so-not-Whole30-compliant little treat afterwards with a huge glass of chocolate milk…

Seriously, how could I say no to a
white-orange cupcake with cream
cheese frosting?

And it tasted pretty rad too.  (However, the tummy ache I had from slipping off the wagon this weekend and indulging in a few other wheaty treats wasn’t so rad…)

So as I taper this week I am wondering if I did enough but am trying to remind my doubting self that at least I did everything I could.  That much I know is true.

Have you ever had to totally change your training plan due to illness or injury?  Did you wonder “Did I do enough?”  How did it turn out in the end? 

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  1. Jennifer Closs    

    Holy yes this is how I’m feeling! I lost most of April so an SI injury and now I’ve gone from really hoping for a PR in the Vancouver half to just really hoping I can finish. :( Very disappointing when the training prior to the injury was going so well.

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Soooo glad you let me know! I was totally feeling at the top of my game when I pulled my calf and its so hard to stay positive when a random injury brings you down. You’ll do great out there, just stay relaxed and enjoy the beautiful day. And heck, if you get discouraged just think of me because I’ll be out there huffing and puffing for hours after you finish!

  2. Amanda    

    I got the flu and had to sit out a week of running during my marathon training. But you do what you can, and it all works out in the end. I tried not to get too worried about it, because that was more stressful in the end. Stay with it! You got this!

    1. Amanda    

      P.S. Just requested to be your friend on Daily Mile!

    2. Nikki Scott    

      Thanks Amanda – it helps so much to hear about others who had to sit time out too before a big race!

  3. Rebecca    

    It happens!

    I usually just run out of time in the day and don’t get out as much as I should. Weeks with 3 runs done are really good weeks!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      Yep, I guess we all have to do what we can. Just kinda sucks when it’s an injury preventing you from getting ‘er done!


    I always feel like this before a race. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you… trust your training and your body. You will do great!

    1. Nikki Scott    

      I hope so! It’s just that this round of training was so different than what I had planned. I’m super excited for Sunday, just hope it all goes well!

  5. Nicole @ Haute Runner    

    Ugh I hate that feeling! I’m sure you did enough and you will have a good race.

  6. Solana Leigh    

    You did enough. You are doing to do great. You are a strong athlete. You are a beast, and I am so proud of you!!


  7. Solana Leigh    

    PS – taper sucks. I have a weird random pain in my ankle at different times during the day.


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