Dear Body:

It’s no secret that I’ve been just a little disappointed with you lately.  Well, not in you specifically but disappointed in what happened to you during that unfortunate little incident with the hole.  I tried my best to listen to you and do what you needed after that little injury and thankfully I think the worst is behind us.  However, we still have a lot of work ahead and that’s where this request comes in.

We have faced far bigger challenges, far more devastating and significant injuries for sure.  But that’s when you first amazed me – we healed, we got stronger, we overcame things I was sure were going to sink us.  Looking back, we did it together and right now, I need to ask you to work with me again…

Lungs, there once was a time where I had to fight for every breath and yet since then you’ve huffed and puffed me across many, many miles.  We have a long ways left to go and I need you to keep it up because each of those breaths helps me stay focused and centred.

Legs, those first few steps after getting hurt were so shaky but since then you’ve taken me places I never thought I would go.  I need you to help me get to one more special place, the finish line of my first ultra marathon.
Arms, there was once a time when you were so weak I couldn’t even lift you to brush my teeth but since then you’ve regained your strength and never held me back.  I need you to stay strong and keep pumping because your steady rhythm keeps me moving forward.
Spine, you’ve been crushed pretty bad but thankfully rebuilt and have kept me standing tall and proud through the good times and bad.  I need you to stay healthy so I can cross this next finish line still tall and so very proud of our latest accomplishment.
Back, when everything else was broken you shared the load and did more work than your muscles were meant to handle.  I hope you’ll stay strong and not give out as we push through this last bit of training before Run for Water.
Feet, I remember being in the hospital with the nurses tickling you repeatedly just to make sure I could still feel you.  Since then we’ve taken so many steps and you’ve given me no trouble during half and full marathons – I need you to stay that way as we tackle our first ultra marathon together.
Mind, we’ve had many reasons to doubt in the past but have proved ourselves,and so many others wrong many times.  As I finish this training I need you to stay clear and focused so that doubt isn’t allowed to creep in there at all.
Heart, you’ve scared me only once before but since then have allowed me to truly love and believe in myself and what I am doing.  Please hang in there because I need that now more than ever.

So there you have it my body, my friend.  Neither one of us counted on having this little calf injury throw a wrench in our training plans but I think we’ll be okay.  We’ve worked our way back from far worse injuries before but even this will take a lot of hard work to still reach our goals despite it.  I promise to stay focused, motivated and realistic but I need you to stay strong, rested and faithful.  It might still hurt a little along the way but together, I think we got this.

Are you with me body?  Good, I was hoping you’d say that.  Now let’s get to work and finish up our training for that ultra marathon, shall we?

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  1. Suz and Allan    

    You’re one tough lady Nikki so I know you’ll come back from this calf injury even stronger than before!

  2. Amy M. Guimond    

    calf-schmalf. you’ve overcome great hurdles, this will be nothing, and you will be back to top performance yet.

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