1.  Panic.  Just kidding.  But it is pretty crazy to think that in a few months I’m going to be running an entire 55km.  I had enquired about doing this before Christmas but due to a couple different things didn’t actually find out until just recently that I would be a part of the team.  It was a bit of a shock since I thought my chances were over of getting in but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.  Both the fundraising and the actual run itself are going to be challenging but I know I’ll get through it and come out smiling in the end.

2.  Train.  I’ve spoken with someone who did the RFW ultra last year and she has put my mind at ease about what kind of training is required.  There’s no doubt, it’s going to be difficult to cover all that distance but I know that one way or another I’ll get through it.  I haven’t put together a specific training plan yet but I have some ideas of how I can modify my existing marathon training to get me the extra 13km on May 25.

3.  Fundraise.  I think this might actually seem more challenging to me than the training and running itself!  I have never really done much fundraising in the past so committing to raising at least $1500 is just a tiny bit scary.  It’s never easy to ask people for money but I have already been humbled by how generous my friends and running community are.  Less than 24 hours after announcing that I was doing the ultra 20% of my fundraising goal has already been donated.  That is so awesome and makes me feel so good.  In the next few days I’ll be putting the finishing touches on a few things and really getting to work on raising the funds.

4.  Recover.  Tonight I went to see my physiotherapist about my pesky knee/calf injury because she knows my body probably better than even I do.   We narrowed things down and it seems that I’ve most likely strained a small muscle at the top of my calf in conjunction with jarring my back and irritating the nerves that run down into my leg.  With a weakened back like mine it seems it becomes a part of everything, even injuries that wouldn’t normally affect one’s back!  Anyhow, the good news is I’m okay to run and test it out but I have to let any pain be my guide.  It’s a huge relief but now it’d hard not to wonder how long it will take to feel better!

5.  Pray.  You know, that I don’t get injured in any other way before then.  I am so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to run this event, I’d so hate for anything to get in the way.  After training for Goofy I realized I can do so much if I just dedicate myself and put in the time.  This ultra will be the same way so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this pesky knee/calf is the last injury I deal with for awhile.

6.  Enjoy the ride.  Another thing I learned from Goofy is how enjoyable the process of working towards a big goal can be.  Sure I cursed a bunch of those long, cold runs but by the time my head hit the pillow each night I was always feeling thankful for what I was doing and the simple fact that I could do it at all.  I am looking forward to that again and even more so knowing that this time around it’s helping someone else at the same time.

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  1. Book Dragon    

    I’ll be watching your progress 😉 I’ll be running a 50k for my 50th birthday. I’ve got a few years to build my mileage up but it is a goal.

    1. Nikki    

      Thanks for following along! Thankfully I’ve built up most of the distance but just need to maintain it and go a bit beyond. Wish me luck!

  2. cathy    

    You will achieve everything you set out to do! You are so dedicated, and enthusiastic! Cheering you on!!

  3. Elle    

    Nikki, how exciting! I hope you enjoy every step of your training and have an awesome time with it all!

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