Our first day of three days of racing in WDW began early Friday morning with the Disney Family 5k.  A bit small in comparison to what we’d be tackling on Saturday and Sunday but I figured if I was going to go all the way down to Florida to run, I may as well take advantage of every opportunity and sign up for this short fun run.  Cori felt the same and months ago we made plans to run this one together.

We immediately decided that we’d run the race in costume and after tons of research on her end, Cori suggested Minnie Mouse costumes.  I loved the idea and we set to work procuring all the different things we needed for the perfect Minnie Mouse running costumes.

After my rainbow light-up tutu for the Energizer Night Race, Cori discovered that red light-up tutus at her local Halloween store.  Just perfect for Minnie, right?  I happened to get mine at on sale after Halloween.  We also found cute Minnie ears/gloves sets at Target, also this Halloween and Cori sewed us some cute polka-dot shoe bows.  We decided to add white polka-dot stickers to the tutus and wear everything with a black tank and capris. Voila!  Minnie Mouse running costumes!

I was careful to make sure I remembered everything when I was packing for the trip and was relieved when I laid it all out the night before to find that everything I needed had indeed made it into my suitcase.

The alarm went off pretty early (but nothing compared to the next two mornings to come!) and I tried to get ready quietly so as not to wake my roommates.  Although I think the costume turned out great, I have to admit that I felt a bit silly walking out to the bus stop all dolled up as Minnie Mouse.  When I got there though and had a few people tell me they loved the costume, I knew it was a good idea after all.  
Cori and I had plans to meet just outside of the bag check and it didn’t take long to find each other.  The last time we saw each other in person was back in May for the BMO Half Marathon so it was nice to meet up and give each other a huge hug – we at least made it this far!  We headed off into the crowds and before too long met up with Leana as well.  The crowd was crazy huge for a 5k race but they had a DJ and announcer keeping everyone entertained, including, I am very sad to say, a super enthusiastic rendition of the birdie dance.
Both Mickey and Minnie were hanging around for pre-race shots so we obviously had to do that…
We took a few more pre-race shots before heading off to the start line…

This race was also started in waves but it wasn’t long before we were at the start and off running!  I didn’t know what to expect since this was my very first time running anything at Disneyworld.  The course started off through a parking lot but it wasn’t long before we were into Epcot and winding our way around the park.  Immediately we were sweaty and soaked by the humidity, it was crazy.
We decided we’d take it super easy and stop for any pictures we felt like we needed. The lines were long and so we didn’t wait for many and in some cases we just took a shot from off to the side so we didn’t have to wait.
This guy was trying to make a few bucks posing as
Forrest Gump (he was a participant!)
Extremely unflattering shot with Epcot above…
Cori with Goofy in the background…
With lovely Epcot Centre in the background…
When we crossed the line we collected our medals and headed off to the food tents.  We were given these neat little boxes with a variety of snacks like cheese, crackers, chocolate, trail mix etc.  I thought they were great but admittedly got tired of them by the end of the third race…

And here we are with our first medal of the weekend!

After all was said and done I headed back to the hotel and ended up having a nice quiet afternoon.  I sat by the pool for a bit, had a nice long nap and got all of my stuff ready for the next day’s half marathon.  The 5k was an awesome start to the weekend and a nice little warm up before the first of the two main events.
If you are planning to go down for Goofy in the future, I highly recommend doing the 5k as well.  Some call the whole combo the “Dopey” but for me it was just a great way to stretch out the legs and get a feel for what the temperatures would be like the next two days.

You can check out Cori’s 5k race recap here.  And next up for me is the Donald Duck Half Marathon race report!

In case you missed it…

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  1. pensive pumpkin    

    Love it!!! The costumes are adorable, and I don’t care what you say that shot with the Epcot dome behind you is soooo cute! Love the angles! Yay!!!

    1. Nikki    

      Thanks, the costumes made it so fun. We’d been planning them for months so I was relieved when I put it on for the first tie (race morning) and it actually looked okay!

  2. Monique    

    I’m loving your race recaps.You are so inspiring! Congratulations :)

  3. auroradelucia    

    Love all the cuteness in your outfits!

    And omg, that Forrest Gump participant – too funny!

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