As many of us runner are, I am very loyal to my favorite running shoe brand.  Before I got hurt I wore a whole bunch of different shoes, whatever looked good and whatever I could find that fit.  But after my accident and on my journey back into running again my hips and back started to demand a lot more out of my shoes.  I cycled through all different brands trying to find something that fit good and worked well with my poor broken body.  I finally landed on a pair of Mizunos.

They were the only shoes that didn’t result in me adding “foot and leg problems”to my laundry list of injuries and issues.  It was such a relief to run in something that felt good and supported me as I struggled along through all those kilometres.

I have been loyal to Mizuno ever since, sticking mainly with the Wave Riders.  I’ve seen many different models of this shoe, tons of new colors and my feet have seen a few different sizes over the years.  I’ve even used my shoes as a conversation starter at races and expos when I notice other runners in Mizunos like mine.   I’ve found we are a very loyal tribe of shoe wearers and runners.

I was super excited earlier this year to hear about Mizuno’s Mezamashii Run Project

Source: Mizuno Canada Website
Mezamashii is a Japanese word that means brilliant or eye-opening, the perfect way to describe a fantastic run.  You know the kind of runs I’m talking about – when everything comes together and you feel awesome, strong, peaceful.  Mizuno wants more runners to feel that way and believing in their product so much they created the Mezamashii Run Project – a chance to put thousands of pairs of Mizuno shoes onto runners so that they too can experience more brilliant runs.  

Just think about it, when we buy new shoes we bounce around, wear them in the store and sometimes get to run down the sidewalk in them.  You can read the tech specs and listen to everything the salespeople have to say but you don’t truly know until you run in them.  I love that Mizuno is willing to actually give out free shoes to so many runners to let them see what it’s like to run in a pair of Mizunos.

This summer I received an invite to the Canadian Mezamashii Run Project and very happily picked out a new pair of Wave Rider 15’s.  They are so pretty (yes, pretty) and I was so excited to be invited to be part of such a cool running experience.

Source: Mizuno Canada Website

And now, I am so so very excited to be able to offer the same opportunity to you!  And do you know what’s even better?  I am giving away two invites!  Mizuno Canada has very graciously offered a couple of invites to the Mezamashii Run Project so that I can share them and help other runners get the same kind of mezamashii feeling I get when I have those brilliant runs.

What you will win:

  • One of two free pairsof Mizuno running shoes
  • Any style from the current lineup (some restrictions may apply)
  • You choose model, size, men’s or women’s

They even have a really cool online Precision Fit tool available to help you make sure you get the right pair.  You can always go into a local store as well and try them on in person before you make your selection.

How to enter:

I wanted there to be lots of ways to earn an entry for this giveaway so please do as many or as few as you like.

  1. Visit the Mizuno Canada website and leave me a comment on which model you would like if you won
  2. Become a follower (or already follow me) on Twitter
  3. Like Mizuno Run Club Canada on Facebook
  4. Tweet about this giveaway
  5. Share this giveaway on Facebook or your blog
  6. Write a haiku about running and post it in the comments (if you’re not sure what a haiku is, google it!)
Disclaimers and stuff:
  • Giveaway open to Canadian residents only
  • There may be restrictions on models or colors available at the time of order
Good luck to all who enter and Happy Halloween!  Nothing says “boo” like Mezamashii and a free pair of shoes, right?

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  1. Cori    

    DAMN girl! Ok – you were right – this was worth waiting for!

    I did the fit guide thing and I think I would choose the Wave Enigma 2. That snazzy teal is awesome and I love that the description says “Effortless miles” lol

    Off to tweet and FB it…

    1. Cori    

      and a haiku:

      Crisp air across cheeks
      Crunch of ice beneath my feet
      Soar across the snow

  2. Erin Jeffery    

    Wave Alchemy…for my knock knees, high arches and freakishly narrow feet. And because I am magic. Haiku to follow…

  3. Erin Jeffery    

    Lets try this again:

    Feet stomp down the street
    Aching legs, chest, feet and brain
    Damn you aging…damn you

  4. jillianwalker    

    Love this Nikki!! Congrats on being part of the club too!

    I love the Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s too! The white & red plum are super cute!

    I will share this with Runcouver!

  5. Solana Leigh    

    That precision fit tool was really fun…

    It said I need : Mizuno Wave Inspire 8(W)

    I have only owned 1 pair of Mizuno’s that were way too narrow of a shoe for my fat feet…

    I can’t believe you want me to write a Haiku? I think I should get an exception for carving a BEAST MODE pumpkin?? C’mon…

  6. Leigh    

    I would choose the Wave precision….they have such fun colours!

  7. Katie    

    Perfect timing for this contest. I just joined a running group and committed to my first half-marathon (yikes)!

    I would choose the Women’s Wave Precision 13.

    Running in the rain
    Cold and soaked to the bone
    Run Vancouver run

  8. Elle    

    I am torn between 2 different styles and if I win will call support and get personal advice.

  9. Elle    

    Rain rain go away
    come again some other grey day
    perhaps in August.

  10. Faith Ann    

    Congratulations on being selected! I love following your blog :)

    I would get a pair of Wave Rider 15s… in a pretty colour :)

  11. Faith Ann    

    I have ‘liked’ the Mizuno Run club on Canada. (I didn’t realize they did this for Canadians too. I’ve only seen it on American running blogs!)

  12. Faith Ann    

    I now follow you on Twitter :)

  13. Amanda Chan    

    Liked them on facebook! And did the test and the best fit I would get is the Mizuno Women’s Wave Prophecy Running Shoes!

  14. Amanda Chan    

    And a haiku :)

    Running cures the soul
    Motivate and inspire
    Run Runcouver Run

  15. swyers    

    Visited their site and I like the Wave Precision 13, because they are pink and neutral.

  16. swyers    

    I also like Mizuno Canada on facebook now, but I am not on Twitter so can’t follow you.

  17. Yuri Artibise    

    According to the Precision Fit tool, the Wave Prophecy is my shoe!

  18. Yuri Artibise    

    It’s raining outside
    If I’m going to keep running
    I will need new shoes!

  19. Mon    

    I liked them on Pinterest, does it count?

  20. Mon    

    Shared the giveaway on Facebook

  21. Mon    

    I loooooooove Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 15 Limited Edition !!!

  22. Mon    

    And I liked them on facebook and would love to win so I can start running after we get back, perhaps that’s all I need to finally break through …

  23. STEPH    

    The Elixirs look perfect, super light shoes with a little bit of stability to correct overpronation! Would want those the most

  24. STEPH    

    bright striped elixirs
    feet flying lighter than air
    minutes off my time

  25. Christina Dragan    

    Hold your head up high
    The run isn’t over yet
    So keep running

  26. Christina Dragan    

    I’d like to own the Wave Ascend 7 Trail running shoe

  27. Renee Reichert    

    A huge goal today
    Starting a running lifestyle
    One healthier me

    Mizuno Wave Inspire 8(W) says the Precision Fit Tool, but I’d probably go into a store and try some on! I love the colors!

    #Runcouver #RunCrew

  28. Leana    

    1. According to the precision fit finder my ideal shoe is the Wave Inspire. And it comes in orange? I so would love to win a pair of those!
    2. I already follow you on twitter.
    3. I just liked Mizuno Run Club Canada on Facebook
    4. I tweeted!
    5. I shared it on FB!
    6. The white snow falls down
    My footprints quickly erased
    As I run freely

  29. Sangita Natha    

    According to the Precision Fit Tool, the Wave Prophecy is the shoe for me!

  30. kristen    

    Hmmm- the Precision fit says Wave Prophecy, but I feel like they’re trying to sell me a $240 shoe when the Wave Rider would probably be fine.
    I follow you on Twitter, I like the Run Club on Facebook.

    Kristen likes to run.
    Even when it is Snowy.
    Please no winter yet.

  31. Jacki    

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Jacki    

    1. As per the precision fit finder, my shoe would be the Mizuno wave inspire 8(w)
    2. I also follow you on twitter.
    3. I have liked the Mizuno run Club Canada on Facebook.
    4. I have tweeted the message.
    5. I have shared in on my FB page also.
    6.. And as for my little poem, it goes as follows :

    Feel free like the wind
    So I run in my Mizuno’s
    One foot at a time.

  33. Jenn(ie)    

    I would love another pair of my lovely Wave Riders, which the precision fit finder helped me find a few months ago!

  34. Jenn(ie)    

    A haiku for you! I haven’t written one of these since elementary school I bet!

    my mizuno shoes
    and of course my favourite tunes
    help me escape days

  35. lookuplookaround    

    Running in the rain,
    Droplets impair my eyesight,
    But my goal is clear

  36. lookuplookaround    

    I am not alone,
    In tens and hundreds we run,
    Love running clinics.

  37. lookuplookaround    

    Half marathon, my
    first coming up on Feb tenth
    Can’t be that bad, eh?

  38. lookuplookaround    

    I’d love to get a pair of Wave Inspire 9s.

    (I got a bit creative and wrote not one, but three haikus!)

  39. antheacheng    

    Wow, Mizuno shoes are beautiful. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 would fit me best according to the precision fit test! :)

  40. antheacheng    

    And my haiku —

    Runcouver loving
    Embarking on new journey
    Passion is fuel

  41. Solana Leigh    

    I’m back, with not 1 but 3 Haiku’s written by my bestie. I asked for 1, got 3, bonus points??

    Fall Trail Running

    Waking up to rain,
    Sliding out of bed resigned,
    In the end, revived.

    Fall Trail Runners

    Sliding shoes on feet,
    Pitter patter steps on leaves,
    Shoes like sponges, squish!

    Fall Trail Running Partners

    Text: Be there soon-late!
    exertion, conversation,
    Body and mind, fed.

  42. arudra17    

    Would like Mizuno Wave Universe 4 Running Shoes

  43. Alanna    

    1. I like the Cabraken 3 (sp?) trail runner. Although they have such pretty colours I might change my mind…
    2. I follow you on twitter.
    3. I like Mizuno on fb.
    4. I tweeted about the contest (well, retweeted that it was the last day).
    5. Haiku:
    I do not love rain
    It gets dark out too fast now
    I want a treadmill

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