Today was the start of my second official week of training for the BMO Half Marathon.  It’s actually week 9, I believe, of the full schedule.  Today’s run was a 4k tempo run at a pace of 6:36/km.  This morning I was trying to plan out my day and figured that doing the run at nap time made the most sense.  Problem is, as soon as nap time rolls around, the last thing I feel like doing is running!

Before Christmas I got into a great little habit of doing my big workout of the day during nap time so that I had the rest of the afternoon and evening to hang out or do smaller workouts like strength training or stretching.  I’m really trying to get back into that habit, so I’m pleased that I got off my butt and did it today.

The run was good.  Great actually.  This was only my second all-run run and it went just fine.  I did jump off the treadmill for about 10 sec or so to grab a sip of water but I figure that this tiny little interlude isn’t enough to kibosh this run’s status as a “tempo” run.

I never thought I’d ever be able to run for longer than 10 mins at a time so these tempo runs are really surprising me.  I’m trying to view them as a stay-focused and get-er-done kind of workout as opposed to a steady run without stopping.  If I focus on my form and just keep moving my arms and legs as if it were one long set of a strength exercise for example, it seems easier to get lost in my music and go the distance.  Maybe that description doesn’t make any sense, but it does to me.  If I think of the run as a whole 4km without stopping, I feel intimidated, whereas if I think of it in little pieces, little movements all strung together, it’s easier.  Whatever gets it done, right?

So tonight all I have left to do is…

a) watch Biggest Loser and pray that Conda FINALLY gets sent home
b) do my focused stretching as per my physio (I think I am FINALLY starting to see some improvement in my back), and
c) roll, roll, roll (mama got a new roller and is loving it, but more in another post)

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