1.  Here are two photos I downloaded from the Chilly Chase 15k on January 15th.  I always look like such a goof when I run…

2.  Still a bit in my funk today = no running today either.  Boo.  That hill training session is still haunting me…maybe I’ll actually get it done tomorrow.  (Why is it so easy to feel like you’re falling off the wagon just weeks before a big event??)

3.  Remember how last January I vowed I was going to get my home gym all finished?  Well one year later I am seriously almost done.  Just a couple more small things to fix up and she’s done like dinner!  I have soooo wanted to post pictures, but I’m holding myself back until it is really, totally, fully completed.  My goal this weekend is to get those last few things done, so hopefully next week I can do the big reveal!

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  1. winston2    

    looking forward to seeing pictures…I am fighting for space with thomas the train

  2. Jenn    

    You totally don’t look like a goof! you look happy, which almost NEVER happens in any of my race photos haha

  3. Deb    

    I think you look great in that picture!

    It is so nice to have a dedicated home gym space. (Now if I could just move the bed out of mine. Who really needs a guest room?)

  4. Cindy    

    you totally don’t look like a goof, you look really happy…it’s awesome! i always look like i’m in pain…lol!

  5. Lisa    

    Can’t wait to see the home gym! Wish I had the motivation to just do some working out at home!

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