Awhile back, Groupon ran a promotion for Running Room, including for our local store here in Langley.  $50 to spend at the store for only $25 to purchase, sounded like a good deal to me! 

I had planned to use the Groupon to purchase my new running shoes (I am soooooo in need of new sneaks!) so I had them order in my size and everything.  But, when I got there, they had gone on sale and you can’t use the Groupon for any sale merchandise.  Oh well, had to go pick out a few other things instead I guess!

But first, I scoped out the shoes I plan to buy and checked out the colors.  I thought I wanted the pink, but when I saw the teal, they are actually REALLY nice.  Unfortunately they didn’t have them in my honkin’ size 11, so I’ll have to order them online.

Langley 2-20111029-00761So, I headed off to the warm weather running clothes to try and find something to buy with my Groupon.  I have always wanted a nice, truly warm pair of running pants or tights.  The ol’ thighs and bum get so cold running during the winter months so some thermal or wind-breaker tights would be really nice to have. 

I must have tried on about 10 different pairs.  Most too short, some too tight, some baggy in the crotch, some too loose in the waist.  But, I finally found a pair of Brooks Utopia Thermal Tights and they fit great.  Nice and cozy.  I’ve never had any Brooks gear before, but I think I’m going to like these pants.  Zippers at the ankles to get your shoes on, not too crazy reflective accents, warm but not too thick and rubber at the ankles to keep them in place.

Since I also had a $10 coupon from the Ginger Jar 10k registration, I also grabbed a few other things:


  • A pkg each of Sport Beans and Power Bar Gel Blasts.  I don’t really use any serious nutrition these days but I thought a few gummies would be a nice little treat during tomorrow’s race. 
  • A pkg of new rainbow caps for my water bottles.  I’m soooo glad they sell the caps on their own because Marcus chewed on most of mine and wrecked them!
  • Some running book that was only $0.99.  It’s got some stretching and training ideas in it so for 99 cents I figured it might be worth flipping through.  I’m a sucker for clearance books!

All in all it was a good little purchase.  You can’t go wrong getting $100 pants and random other things for less than $50!  Now, off I go into the cyber-shopping mall in search of my new running shoes…

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  1. Amanda - RunToTheFinish    

    i have gotten amazingly lucky and found all my perfect cold weather gear at Marshall’s! Nike and under armour! I had to pull it out on the trip to KC and it is super stuff

  2. Nicole    

    Love the shopping “trip”

  3. Nicole @ "Haute Runner"    

    Looks like you scored some sweet stuff! Like the new running shoes!

    You must be pretty tall… jealous of those long legs!

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