Yep, that’s all she would tell me.  “You’ve got a very ni-ice baby”.  I’m assuming that means he/she’s healthy? 

So the ultrasound went fine yesterday but like last time, I have to wait until the doctor to see the report to find anything out.  So I don’t technically know if it’s healthy or not, but I’m assuming she wouldn’t have told me over and over how nice the baby was if it wasn’t looking okay.  It looked pretty happy in there, I think it was sucking on it’s hand when we peeked in.

She did tell me that the growth looks to be about on target with my last ultrasound.  She said it was 20 weeks 4 days and that’s exactly what yesterday was, so I’d say that’s on track. 

It’s always so neat to see the baby in there – I’m still in shock that there is a little human living in my tummy.  He or she is getting very active these days and I could really see that on the screen.  It’s always so neat.  When she was showing me the anatomy, things looked pretty ‘bulky’ down there, so my guess is still a boy, but who knows.  Last time with Marcus we couldn’t really see anything down there until we went to the 3D ultrasound anyways, so maybe that bulkiness was the cord?  Guess I’ll find out next week.

And, if she wasn’t able to determine the gender after all, I noticed that the clinic was having a sale on gender determination 3D ultrasounds, so I guess I can always up for one of those!  Ha ha.

Today’s going to be a pretty quiet day.  My legs are feeling a bit sore from all of the strength training lately so I think we’re going to lay low.  I have some baking I wanna do, and we have guests coming this weekend and I really should tidy up my disaster of a craft room so that their little boy has a room to sleep in.  Somehow I don’t think they’d be very comfortable having him sleep next to the tower of Rubbermaid bins, piles of scrapbooking paper and boxes of diapers.  Oh, and then it’s Shoulders & Arms day today in P90X.  Considering how weak my guns are, this is actually one of my favorite workout days.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Runner Leana    

    “A sale on gender determination 3D ultrasounds”

    Really? That’s hilarious in a way that it is turning into a money making business! Glad to hear everything is going well though. Can’t wait to hear if it is a boy or a girl!

  2. Heidi    

    HAHAHA That sale thing made me laugh to. Not something you’d expect to see.

    Glad everything went well. And no, they don’t typically tell you things look nice if there is a problem. They just politely tell you to contact your doctor. You can read the look on their face but they can’t say anything.

  3. Jess    

    You didn’t see the doctor gith after? Oh man, that would kill me having to wait!

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