Ahhh, I just had a very nice 5 days up at the cabin.  It wasn’t quite as sunny as I had hoped, but I still enjoyed myself nonetheless.  We got the new boat in the water and out for a spin, took lots of nice long (hilly) walks with Marcus and even got the underground sprinkler system all installed and working.

Now that I’m home though, I’m busy with oh so exciting laundry, cleaning and cooking.  Trying to be more organized these days, but not always succeeding on that front.  Oh well, practice makes perfect!

So, not even a whole day back at home and my husband already has me hitting the road again this weekend.  No, not for another road trip…hitting the road as in a running event!  Yikes!

He’s been doing a lot of work in nearby Abbotsford, BC lately and so wanted to take part in their annual Run for Water this weekend.  The event includes a half marathon, 10K and 5K race.  So, while he’ll be breezing through a jaunty 10k, I’ve committed myself to tackling the 5k.  Again, I say yikes!

I remember a day not so long ago when a 5k race was nothing that required ‘tackling’…but things have definitely changed!  Although I’m not running as often as I’d like to (or hardly ever! ha ha) I know I can handle a 5k event, even if I end up walking most of it.  I always like to try my hardest at running events, but I’m totally one of those people who is just happy to be there and doesn’t feel at all bad if I walk, or suck or whatever.  And, given my lack of running these days, I’m just psyched to even be going there this weekend.  So I can’t promise any speed records, but I can at least promise I’ll be a posting a race report this weekend!

In other news, the shoes arrived home safe and sound.  They are now firmly on the floor in my house where they belong – right beside Marcus’ toys.  (No, that’s not where I normally keep my shoes, but I was hoping he might crawl over to be in the photo – no luck, so no photo).  After stuffing my feet into other peoples’ running shoes all weekend, it feels SO GOOD to have my own shoes back!

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  1. Heidi    

    I so wanted to do that race this coming weekend. I had been hoping to do the half. Have a good time!

  2. Nicole    

    Good luck with the race – enjoy!

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