After not being able to make it down to the States over the long weekend, I was able to run down this morning before my first appointment of the day. This was my first time using the services of Hagen’s of Blaine so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Let me say this – Hagen’s rocks! What a great little service! They receive packages for you for $2 plus $1 for a phone call to let you know it’s in. They’ll hold it for 10 days, afterwhich there is another $2 charge. And, if you pay cash it’s even cheaper.

Anyhow, being a Nexus holder, I zipped across the border in no time at all. I got to Hagen’s and minutes later I had my shoes and was on my way home again. The guy at the border didn’t even ask the value of my goods coming home. He asked why I was down to which I replied that I was picking up an online purchase. He asked if I got it, I said yes, and he let me go. Very easy.

For the rest of the day I was busy with appointments, and my poor new shoes had to hang out in the car and wait for me. Finally I made it home and just tried them on – ahhhhh, they feel so good! I love getting new shoes and here they are…

I was a little concerned the colors might be a bit yucky since they were listed as ‘Red/Gunmetal/Grey’ but I picked these ones because the other option ‘Blue/White’ was really, really blue and just too bright for me. I was really pleased when I got them out of the box because the ‘Red’ is actually more like a hot pink color and I think they look great. I think I’ll try and take them for a spin later this evening and see how they feel.

I can’t thank the Runner’s Lounge and enough. What a treat – with the gift certificate prize these shoes only cost me $11.63. Now that’s a deal!

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  1. RunningLaur    

    They look great! All that hard work to get them totally paid off. Hope they treat you well!

  2. Mel-2nd Chances    

    That service sounds great indeed, I remember our emails going back and forth trying to figure it out. Luckily you’re so close to the border which helps! Nice kicks!

  3. Tom@RunnersLounge    

    So glad you’re running in new comfort and style–and that the border service was so convenient.

    Thanks for your great story too!

  4. Jess    

    They look beautiful!

  5. JenZen    

    LOVE the shoes! What great colors! I’m a huge fan of anything hot pink. They look like they’ll make you run super fast! 😉

  6. chris mcpeake    

    wow you got your shoes for close to free.. nicely done.

    keep on running

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